Witnesses In Brussels Describe Explosions At Airport, Metro Station

Witnesses In Brussels Describe Explosions At Airport, Metro Station
Witnesses describe the panic and chaos that followed the blasts that killed 34 people and injured scores more.

At least two explosions tore through the Brussels Airport Tuesday morning, killing dozens and injuring scores more. 

"I hear an explosion, and all the ceiling is coming down, and then I just go under the sink. Then, the second explosion went, and everything is black," one witness told NBC

"Immediately, there was panic, so people were shouting and running around, and shortly after that a second explosion was there, which was, in my eyes, much more powerful than the first one," airport witness Jef Versele told CNN

"'There was one gunshot after the first explosion,' said this witness. 'And there was one man speaking Arabic afterwards, and I heard boom — an enormous explosion,'" a BBC translator said

Roughly an hour later, another explosion shook the Maalbeek metro station. 

"It wasn't very loud. We felt a small blast of air. ... But my ears did pop. Immediately, the metro stopped, the power shut off," one witness told France 24

The terror attacks come days after Salah Abdeslam, a Paris terrorist attack suspect, was arrested in Brussels. 

At least 34 people were killed in the attacks, according to local media. 

This video includes clips from Sky News and images from General Directorate Crisis Centre in Brussels and Getty Images.