Giants kicker Josh Brown speaks to a reporter after a gameWATCHLIST

The NFL's New Domestic Violence Policy Didn't Stop Its Latest Scandal

Kicker Josh Brown has admitted to abusing his wife, but the way the league has handled the situation doesn't quite add up.

Police Car with lights turned on.

A Bus And A Semi Crashed In California, Leaving At Least 11 Dead

Tyler Perry stars in "Boo: A Madea Halloween," which made about $27 million at the box office in its debut

Tyler Perry Is Still Making A Ton Of Money Off Mabel 'Madea' Simmons

California National Guardsmen stand in formation along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2010.

Veterans Forced To Pay Back Thousands Of Dollars In Bonuses

Paul Caulford examines Anushka. Anushka, 2, and her mother just arrived to Canada from India.

This Canadian Clinic Treats Uninsured Refugees And Immigrants For Free

A volunteer clinic in Ontario has treated more than 35,000 people from 122 different countries since it opened in 1999.

Fall leaves, which have lowered chlorophyll content

What Makes Leaves Change Color Every Fall?

The reds and oranges of fall leaves show up when there's less sunlight to take advantage of.