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Businesswoman and activist Viola Desmond.

Meet Viola Desmond: The New Face Of Canada's $10 Bill

The Bank of Canada is honoring Viola Desmond, who's best known for sitting in the "whites only" section of a Nova Scotia theater in 1946.

Macaque monkeys

Monkeys Could Talk If They Had The Brains — But It Would Sound Creepy

A oal miner holds a handful of coal.

A Fight Over Coal Miners Could Shut Down The Government

A heroin user prepares to inject himself.

Heroin-Related Causes Are Killing More Americans Than Gun Homicides

Those in need wait for meals on Thanksgiving day

Poverty Isn't Seasonal, So Why Is Giving?

In 2015, more than 43 million Americans were living in poverty.

DeRay Mckesson And Group of Protesters in Ferguson

DeRay Mckesson's Advice On Revolution: 'Systems Break In Pieces'

DeRay Mckesson was on the ground during the infancy of Black Lives Matter. Two years later, he's fighting for major change piece by piece.