Wal-Mart's Latest Business Strategy: Bananas At The Back

Wal-Mart's Latest Business Strategy: Bananas At The Back
Wal-Mart revealed what new strategies for luring in customers are working at its testing store in Rogers, Arkansas. Turns out the answers is bananas.

Wal-Mart may have you figured out. You are desperate for bananas, the color purple makes you reconsider your food purchases and you love test-driving strollers before you buy them.

Let us explain. Wal-Mart uses one of its supercenters in Rogers, Arkansas, as a testing site to experiment with new products and layouts. Last year the store got redesigned, and last week the company indicated what’s working well.

Here’s one thing that’s working well at store No. 5260: bananas at the back.

Turns out if you put the fruit toward the back of the produce section, it will help “lead” a customer into the department. Also, labeling signage in purple boosts the purchase of organic products.

The store in Rogers also boasts a new baby department outfitted with a “stroller garage” for “hands-on tryouts,” something the store manager said customers love.

And getting you to love more about your experience shopping at a Wal-Mart is important to the company. Based on the retail giant’s lackluster fourth-quarter earnings released Thursday, it's obvious why.

Wal-Mart is in the midst of shuttering more than 200 stores worldwide. But for the hundreds of others that are expected to stay open, don’t be surprised if you find bananas shifting backward in the near future.

This video includes images from Getty Images.