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'The Legend Of Zelda' Is Now Appearing In Google Maps For Some Reason

'The Legend Of Zelda' Is Now Appearing In Google Maps For Some Reason
The hero of Hyrule is acting as the StreetView tour guide in Google Maps.

The Google Maps team has a soft spot for video game characters. Their most recent stunt involves replacing the generic Street View character with Link from "The Legend Of Zelda."

The hero clad in a green tunic has all the functionality of the regular Pegman character — which is to say, not much. You can drag Link around the map and plop him down in a point to zoom into the map, and he'll rotate and move along with you as you navigate in Street View.

It's a neat little addition, but not quite as exciting as previous video game appearances in Google Maps. Last year, the tech company turned entire cities into a Pac-Man game; and in 2014, they scattered Pokémon across the globe and tasked people with rounding them all up.

Link's appearance in Google Maps is part of a marketing push by Nintendo to promote the HD remaster of "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess," which was released Friday in North America. Since the game doesn't come out until next week in Japan, Link's going to be sticking around the Maps screen for a few more days.