Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Torches St. Louis, Gets Burned By Angry Fans

Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Torches St. Louis, Gets Burned By Angry Fans
St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke filed for relocation to Los Angeles on Monday and criticized the city of St. Louis in his proposal.

St. Louis Rams fans are not happy.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke has officially filed for relocation to Los Angeles.

And in his application, he torched the city of St. Louis.

"St. Louis is not a three professional team market," he wrote.

"Compared to all other U.S. cities, St. Louis is struggling," he continued.

"No NFL club would be interested in the ... New St. Louis Stadium," Kroenke penned.

"Any NFL Club that signs on to this proposal in St. Louis will be well on the road to financial ruin," he wrote.

Now, Rams fans are firing back.

"It's amazing that I can't send a tweet from the Dome, but Stan Kroenke can send his relocation proposal all the way from hell." — @daniel_doelling

"For a guy who has yet to produce a winning season as majority owner, Kroenke is awfully confident in his product." — @msmallm2

"Reading between the lines on this one, but I think Stan Kroenke wants out of St. Louis." — @MattSebek

"Free admission to @STLArtMuseum & @stlzoo make it hard to attract fans to watch sub .500 football #kroenkecomplaints" — @PDPJ

"Just go away, please, Stan Kroenke. To LA, fine. But preferably to the moon." — @JoanNiesen

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