Elizabeth Warren Remains A Popular VP Pick — Even For Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren Remains A Popular VP Pick — Even For Joe Biden
Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was reportedly Joe Biden's "top choice" for vice president when he was considering a 2016 White House bid.

Vice President Joe Biden isn't running for the White House in 2016. 

But if he were, Elizabeth Warren would've reportedly been his pick for vice president.

According to Politico, the Massachusetts senator was Biden's top choice "from the start" when he was considering running for president. Biden, however, decided in October not to enter the race. 

But Warren still has a chance to become the first female VP, as many have pegged her as a top choice for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton's campaign. 

Her name has also been mentioned as a potential pick for Bernie Sanders' campaign should he pull off a victory. Politico's report says Biden, too, believes she'd be the best choice for the job. 

Warren has recently drawn the ire of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump on Twitter

And she has responded with a few Twitter jabs of her own. 

Warren has so far not ruled out the possibility of accepting a vice presidential role should one come her way. 

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