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Tyler Adkisson

Sci/Tech Reporter

Tyler Adkisson is a journalist and a social video editor from Chicago, Illinois. He joined Newsy in 2013 and has served in a variety of different roles for the company. When he's not writing about science, health or technology, you can catch Tyler blogging about his favorite music, digging through crates at local record stores, or hitting up concerts around the city.

  Recent Work
Volunteers rescue a group of people in New Bern, North Carolina
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaU.S.

Social Media Can Help And Hurt In Florence's Aftermath

Tobacco farmers stand above bales of tobacco in Wilmington, North Carolina
Getty Images / Logan Mock-BuntingU.S.

Carolina Farmers Race To Save Crops, Farmland Before Florence Hits

Two men in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina board windows of a business prior to Hurricane Florence's landfall
Getty Images / Joe RaedleSci/Health

What Makes People Choose To Ride Out Hurricanes?

Redwood trees pictured in Humboldt, California
Michael Balint / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

It Would Take A Forest The Size of the US To Offset Its Coal Emissions

Twitter CEOr Jack Dorsey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee
Getty Images / Drew AngererTech

After Denying Former Requests, Twitter's CEO Testifies Before Congress

A woman is moved on a stretcher after an opioid overdose
Getty Images / Spencer PlattSci/Health

What Has Trump's Fight Against Opioid Addiction Done So Far?

Green algae blooms in a lake
Getty Images / Joe RaedleSci/Health

Lawmakers Want To Treat Algae Like The Serious Problem It Is

Emissions leave a stack at a coal-fired power plant
Getty Images / Mark WilsonSci/Health

Trump's Proposed Emissions Rules Show The Shift In Climate Priorities

A man who working at a smoke shop exhales vapor
Getty Images / Matt CardySci/Health

E-Cigarette Use Can Damage Your DNA, Study Finds

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai speaks on repeal of net neutrality laws
Getty Images / Alex WongTech

FCC Chair Explains Why Agency Misled Congress On Fake Cyberattack

The launch of a Wideband Global SATCOM satellite
Tech Sgt. Anthony Nelson / United Launch AllianceTech

A Space Force Would Probably Bring New Weapons With It

Voters cast ballots in the 2016 presidential election
Getty Images / Ethan MillerTech

US Cybersecurity Has Largely Stalled Since The 2016 Election

A firefighter in California
Getty Images / David McNewSci/Health

As Heat Waves Worsen, So Will All The Other Trouble They Cause

A budtender picks up part of a marijuana plant at a dispensary in California
Getty Images / David McNewPolitics

Some States Want Legal Marijuana To Help With The Opioid Crisis

Cars on a highway in Los Angeles
Getty Images / Kevork DjansezianSci/Health

Rolling Back California Air Quality Rules Could Affect 12 Other States

A Los Angeles city firefighter walks through a field burned by the Carr Fire
Getty Images / Justin SullivanSci/Health

A Warming Climate Also Means A Longer Wildfire Season

Artist's impression of Mars Express floating over an actual photo of Mars
ESA / ATG medialab / DLR / FU Berlin CC BY-SA 3.0 IGOSci/Health

Scientists Want To Be Sure There's An Underground Lake On Mars

Plastic cups on a beach near Athens, Greece
Getty Images / Milos BicanskiSci/Health

Don't Expect The Straw Ban To Solve Our Plastic Consumption Problems

A shark swims off the coast of South Africa
Getty Images / Ryan PierseSci/Health

US Senators Learn How Sharks Might Help Cure Cancer

A visitor looks at laser-etched lead crystal glass formation in the shape of a brain
Getty Images / Dan KitwoodSci/Health

To Understand The Outside World, The Brain Has To Ignore Its Own Body

A group of rescuers inside Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai, Thailand
Getty Images / Linh PhamaSci/Health

Thai Soccer Team Will Likely Need To Recover From Darkness, Isolation

Marines practice operating a quadcopter as part of the "Quads for Squads" program
U.S. Marine Corps / Pfc. Audrey RamptonTech

US Military Surveillance Drones Are Being Grounded By The Pentagon

A person swims through a coral arch in the Great Barrier Reef
Getty Images / Mark Kolbe / Getty Images for Tourism QueenslandSci/Health

Hawaii Wants To Ban Sunscreens That Cause Severe Bleaching In Corals

Doctor examines a patient with flu-like symptoms
Getty Images / Scott OlsonSci/Health

The FDA Is Fast-Tracking A New Flu-Fighting Drug For Upcoming Season

An IT person works on a supercomputer
Getty Images / Morris MacMatzenTech

Proposed US Tech Rules Could Make Teslas, Smartphones More Expensive

Mexican soccer fans celebrate a World Cup group stage win over Germany in Mexico City
Getty Images / Manuel VelasquezSci/Health

Sports Fans Shake The Ground So Much, It Spawned A New Kind Of Science

Equipment from an AT&T mobile telephone switching office
Getty Images / John W. AdkissonTech

The US' National Broadband Map Could Be Further Hurt By AT&T's Merger

A drone helicopter captures another drone helicopter in a net
U.S. Air ForceU.S.

When Can The Government Bring Down A Drone?

A miner handles coal in West Virginia
Getty Images / Spencer PlattSci/Health

Why Trump's Administration Made Coal Plants A National Security Issue

Protestors hold signs denouncing Facebook's data collection practices
Getty Images / Justin SullivanTech

Facebook Collects Data On People Who Don't Even Have An Account