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Tyler Adkisson is a journalist and a social video editor from Chicago, Illinois. He joined Newsy in 2013 and has served in a variety of different roles for the company. When he's not writing about science, health or technology, you can catch Tyler blogging about his favorite music, digging through crates at local record stores, or hitting up concerts around the city.

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A U.S. Border patrol agent sits in his vehicle near the U.S.-Mexico Border in Sunland Park, New Mexico
Getty Images / Joe RaedleSci/Health

Lawmakers Say Government Impasse Isn't The Way To Fix Climate Change

President Jair Bolsonaro is recognized as commander-in-chief of Brazil's Armed Forces during his inauguration
Getty Images / Bruna Prado / StringerSci/Health

Brazil's New Forest Policies Could Cause Worldwide CO2 Impacts

A NOAA meteorologist monitors weather in the agency's Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
Getty Images / Mark WilsonSci/Health

Government Shutdowns Can Wreck The Rigid Timing Of Scientific Research

A composite image of the far side of the moon as captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

What We Can Learn From China's Unprecedented Far-Side Moon Landing

Concept art of OSIRIS-REx approaching the surface of asteroid Bennu
NASA / Goddard Space Flight CenterSci/Health

How A NASA Probe Will Orbit An Asteroid With Almost No Gravity

A photograph of Earth, taken during the Apollo 8 mission
Project Apollo ArchiveSci/Health

How Apollo 8 Changed Spaceflight History In Only Four Months

A woman walks in front of a smoke shop advertising Juul products in Chicago, IL
Getty Images / Scott OlsonSci/Health

As More Teens Pick Up Vapes, FDA Looks For Effective Regulation Plan

An artist rendering of Juno above Jupiter
NASA / JPL-CaltechSci/Health

As Juno Nears Middle of Jupiter Mission, NASA Shares Newest Findings

Floodwater after Hurricane Florence in South Carolina
Getty ImagesSci/Health

The Slow, Careful Rise Of Climate Change Attribution

An artist's rendition of InSight sitting on the surface of Mars
NASA / JPL-CaltechSci/Health

InSight Will Spend Months Surveying Mars Before It Starts Its Science

Steam and exhaust rise from a coking plant in Germany
Getty Images / Lukas SchulzeSci/Health

Who Should Pay To Fix The Climate: Developed or Developing Nations?

Satellite images of Hurricane Michael
NASA / GSFC, MISR TeamSci/Health

Every Hurricane Season Ends With A Single Number

Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a House committee
Getty Images / Chip SomodevillaTech

International Lawmakers Pick Up Chatter On Trust-Busting Facebook

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
Getty ImagesTech

Proposed Text Message Rules Echo The Fight Over Net Neutrality

U.S. Department of AgricultureSci/Health

Why Leafy Greens Are So Often Responsible For Foodborne Illness

A helicopter drops water on top of a fire near Cresta, California
Getty Images / Justin SullivanSci/Health

Finland Doesn't Have Many Forest Fires — But That's Due To Its Climate

A man exhales vapor from an e-cigarette
Getty Images / Justin SullivanSci/Health

FDA's E-Cig Proposal Could Backfire For Adult Smokers Who Want To Quit

Amazon's corporate headquarters in Seattle
Getty ImagesTech

Amazon's New HQ Could Help It Win $10B Department Of Defense Contract

A Fire firefighter sprays water on a home during the Camp Fire on November 9, 2018
Getty Images / Justin SullivanSci/Health

Are The California Wildfires The Product Of Resource Mismanagement?

A bumblebee forages for pollen while wearing a unique tracking tag
James CrallSci/Health

Our Most Widely-Used Insecticide Makes Bees Lazy And Causes Die-Offs

Missourians stand outside with signs that say vote on November 5, 2018 in St. Louis
Getty Images / Scott OlsonU.S.

Bad Weather Means Less And Less For Voter Turnout These Days

A man repairs a clock at a store in in Plantation, Florida
Getty Images / Joe RaedleSci/Health

Our Internal Clocks Are At Odds With Daylight Saving Time

A voter in Minnesota fills out a ballot for in a primary election in August 2018
Getty Images / Stephen MaturenPolitics

Congress Allocated Too Little Funding For Midterm Election Security

Packages in a crate at a United States Post Office building
Getty Images / Justin SullivanU.S.

How Do Mail Agencies Identify And Intercept Suspicious Packages?

People gather at a polling place on the first day of early voting on October 20, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada
Getty Images / Ethan MillerPolitics

Social Media's Misinformation Crackdown Falls Flat Ahead Of Midterms

The Santa Ana winds blow wildfire smoke out of California into the Pacific Ocean

What Makes California's Santa Ana Winds So Fierce?

Bottles of prescription drugs being packaged on an automatic line at Intermountain Heathcare in Utah on September 10, 2018
Getty Images / George FreySci/Health

Would Trump's New Drug TV Ad Proposal Make Prescription Drugs Cheaper?

Crews clear debris from the streets of Mexico Beach, Florida
Getty Images / Scott OlsonU.S.

FEMA Says Past Mistakes Informed New Hurricane Strategies

A Lake Worth lifeguard wears a protective mask and walks on a deserted beach
Getty Images / Joe RaedleSci/Health

Hurricane Michael Shifts Red Tide Back Toward Florida's Gulf Coastline

A hacker takes part in the Seccon 2016 final competition in Tokyo, Japan.
Getty Images / Tomohiro OhsumiTech

Privacy Groups Urge Congress To Create New National Privacy Law