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Patrick Terpstra

National Investigative Reporter

Patrick Terpstra leads video-rich investigations that expose things not working the way they should. His stories hold governments accountable, from small town councils to Congress. His pieces on Newsy combine data, records and the experiences of people all across the country to identify broken systems and potential solutions. Before joining Newsy, Patrick was second in command at the Cox Media Group Washington News Bureau, filing nightly reports from Capitol Hill for television and radio stations and coordinating daily coverage for the bureau. Before moving back to his native Washington, Patrick reported from the General Assembly in Virginia and cities in southeastern Virginia for WVEC-TV. He also covered NASA space shuttle launches and alligator captures as a reporter stationed in Brevard County, Florida. When not chasing down stories, Patrick likes to plan his next travel adventure, find new trails to run or work in the yard with indie rock in the earbuds.

  Recent Work
Person puts gas in their car
Jeff Wick / NewsySci/Health

With Cars Parked, Gas Prices Tumble. But For How Long?

National Guard members move boxes of supplies
Maryland Air National Guard photo / Master Sgt. Christopher SchepersSci/Health

Experts Flagged Supply Shortages In National Stockpile For Years

Metro Supermarket in Washington, D.C.
Patrick Terpstra / NewsySci/Health

How To Pick Up Groceries Without Picking Up A Bunch Of Germs

Person wearing face mask
Megan Smith / NewsySci/Health

What 6 Experts Told Us It Would Take To Tame Coronavirus

A public service ad at Metro Center stop in Washington, D.C.
Patrick Terpstra / NewsySci/Health

Ridership Plummets On Nation's Transit Systems

People view cherry blossoms while wearing masks
Zach Cusson / NewsySci/Health

D.C.'s Famed Cherry Blossoms Draw Smaller Crowd Amid Pandemic

Jim Bakker selling silver solution
The Jim Bakker ShowSci/Health

Beware Of Phony Cures For Incurable Coronavirus

Gabriela Lopez Rosario, 11-year-old student
Newsy / Nicholas McMillanU.S.

Dismissed: Stuck Money And Puerto Rico Schools

A passenger at Reagan National Airport near Washington.
Nathaniel Reed / Newsy 

Airlines Warn Of 'Staggering' Coronavirus Impact

Person wearing mask in airport
Megan Smith / Newsy 

Travel Industry Bracing For Coronavirus' Impact

Chief Justice John Roberts
Getty Images 

Trump Impeachment Trial Ends With Not Guilty Verdict

Sen. Joni Ernst speaks to reporters
Getty Images 

Dems Close Impeachment Trial With Warning To Senators

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer
Getty ImagesPolitics

Senate Votes Against New Witnesses In Impeachment Trial

Attorney Jay Sekulow
Getty ImagesPolitics

Impeachment Trial Entering Final Phase After Day 2 Of Questions

Lev Parnas arrives on Capitol Hill.

Senators Use Q&A To Debate Impeachment Ahead Of Key Witness Vote

Chief Justice John Roberts at the Capitol
Getty Images 

Trump's Impeachment Defense Team Presents Case Amid Witness Debate

"We're not going to impeach people because we've got disagreements," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina.
Megan Smith / NEWSYPolitics

What The Senate Impeachment Trial Will Look Like

Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Florida, speaks outside a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee.
Jeff Wick / NEWSYPolitics

Judiciary Committee Turns Focus To Articles Of Impeachment

People use e-scooters in a street
Nicholas McMillan / NewsyU.S.

National Scooter Safety Standards Are In The Works

Mitch Albom and Chika Jeune
Courtesy of Mitch AlbomU.S.

The Little Girl Who Taught Author Mitch Albom 'A Million Lessons'

Fiona Hill
Getty images 

Diplomat, Trump's Ex-Russia Adviser To Testify In Impeachment Inquiry


Senate Able To Avoid Impeachment Spectacle ... For Now

The House of Representatives

What The House Impeachment Resolution Actually Does

A burned foundation
Zach Cusson / NewsyU.S.

2019 Sees Fewer Wildfires, But They're Hitting Populated Areas

Detention cell
Drew Snadecki / ScrippsPolitics

ICE Getting A Colder Shoulder This Year From Cities, Counties

courtesy of CAL FIREU.S.

Parts Of California Still Can't Get Wildfire Alerts

Graphic by Nicholas McMillan/Newsy 

Juul's Lobbyists Now Include A Former U.S. Senator

Person riding scooter in a street

Off Balance: The Scooter Craze Is Too Fast For Safety Rules

President Trump speaks to a crowd gathered at the Lincoln Memorial, July 4, 2019.
The White HousePolitics

Letter Details Park Service Spending On Trump July 4th Event

Zach Cusson/NewsyU.S.

Park Service To Pay Extra For July 4th In DC Despite Unfunded Projects