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Lindsey Theis

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Lindsey Theis (rhymes with peace) is an award winning storyteller who joined Newsy as a Health and Wellness reporter. She comes to Newsy after working at places like WGN and CNN. Most recently she was a local TV anchor/reporter in Omaha, Nebraska. There, Lindsey covered everything from the Ebola epidemic to goat yoga. Outside of being a news nerd, Lindsey's a theatre and comedy nerd and helps run a comedy nonprofit she cofounded, Big Canvas improv. She's 100% a dog person.

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Doctors look at an x-ray.

Why It's Hard For Doctors To Diagnose Polio-Like AFM

A scan of the bacteria Yersinia pestis, which causes bubonic plague.
National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of HealthSci/Health

Watching How Bacteria Recover Could Make Antibiotics More Effective

Firefighters and police officers salute as the ambulance carrying the remains of a fellow Police officer who was killed.
Scott Olson/Getty ImagesSci/Health

How Firefighters Use VR and Mindfulness To Tackle Stress

Doses of polio vaccine.
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Shelf Stable Polio Vaccine Could One Day Help Eradicate Last Of Virus

A Thanksgiving spread
kroo2u / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

For The Average American, 'Tis The Season To Eat More Than Usual

Rescue workers search an area where they discovered suspected human remains in a home destroyed by the Camp Fire.
Getty Images / Justin SullivanU.S.

The Number Of Those Unaccounted For In The Camp Fire Keeps Changing

A Camp Fire evacuee sorts through donated clothing in a Walmart parking lot on November 15, 2018 in

Unneeded Donations Pour In After California's Deadliest Wildfire

A dog searches for remains in Paradise, California
Getty ImagesU.S.

Taking Stock After California Wildfires Is A Long, Dangerous Process

A woman sleeps.

We're Still Learning How Music Helps Us Sleep

Army Veteran Tommy Shelton, Brinkley, Ark., has his eyes examined by Capt. Yolanda Arce, a doctor of optometry.
SSG Neil W. McCabe/Army Reserve Medical CommandU.S.

There Are 40,000 Job Openings At The Veterans Health Administration

A child walks on the beach.

Spanking is Harmful and Ineffective, Pediatricians Say

A sign points towards the Accident and Emergency department of St Thomas' Hospital
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty ImagesSci/Health

Mental Health-Related ER Visits Are Becoming More Common For Children

Christiane Baigent conducts analysis at Colorado Mesa University's Forensic Investigation Research Station (FIRS).
Colorado Mesa University / Melissa ConnorU.S.

Inside A Remote Station That Uses Climate To Study Decomposing Bodies

Adenovirus under a microscope.
CDC / Dr. G. William Gary, Jr.U.S.

What Makes The Flu-Like Adenovirus So Dangerous?

Adenovirus under a microscope.
CDC / Dr. G. William Gary, Jr.U.S.

What Makes The Flu-Like Adenovirus So Dangerous?

Sarah Pilarowski and her daughter Lydia look at photos from when Lydia was diagnosed with AFM in 2014.
Newsy/Dave FrancoU.S.

As Polio-Like Illness Spreads, Family Shares Daughter's Recovery Story

Stanford University researcher Fernanda Herrera, left, watches as fellow student navigates through the VR experience.
L.A. CiceroSci/Health

Need A Lesson In Empathy? Strap On A VR Headset.

A bottle of vitamin D.
healthmindandkat / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

Hundreds of Supplements Have Undeclared Drugs in Them, Study Finds

Air above a coal-fired plant in West Virginia.
Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesSci/Health

Air Pollution May Up Your Chance Of Mouth Cancer

Simone Groper receives a flu shot at a Walgreens pharmacy on January 22, 2018 in San Francisco, California.
Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesSci/Health

Living In A Big City Can Change How And When You Get The Flu

A spoon full dried mealworms seasoned with an African rub of cinnamon, coriander, pepper and other spices.
Sean Gallup/Getty ImagesSci/Health

What Does It Take To Get People To Eat Bugs For Lunch?

Children lay under a table at a market in the community of Immokalee, Florida.
Spencer Platt/Getty ImagesSci/Health

How Growing Up In Poverty Affects The Adult Brain

A manager of a medical marijuana dispensary fills a marijuana prescription.
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty ImagesSci/Health

How A Mom's Pot Use May Affect Their Child's Own Use

A girl reads a book.
Personal Creations / CC BY 2.0Sci/Health

Girls Are Better Readers and Writers Than Boys, Study Says

Scott Jones wades through about three feet of floodwater from Hurricane Florence.
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Hazards And Health Risks Of Florence's Flood Waters

Smoke pours from the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.
Robert Giroux/Getty ImagesSci/Health

17 Years After 9/11, Thousands Are Still Sick From Its Toxic Dust

Kids play in a park.
Paul Sableman/ CC by 2.0Sci/Health

Green Space May Improve Children's Memory

Scans of a brain
Daniele Oberti/ CC by 2.0Sci/Health

Winter And Spring May Make Dementia Worse

Images of the left and right half of the human brain
National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Mental HealthSci/Health

How Harmful Air Pollution Gets To Our Brains

Residents bodyboard in floodwaters after Tropical Storm Lane
Mario TamaSci/Health

Flooding From Tropical Storm Lane Raises Health Concerns In Hawaii