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Evan Thomas

Digital Content Producer

Evan covers technology and the Internet and produces all sorts of video content for Newsy and its partners. The Colorado native splits his time between coffee, videogames and bicycling; but has elected to not worry about splitting his music time — instead he just wears headphones eighteen hours a day.

  Recent Work
A map of global temperatures in 2017

As Expected, 2017 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record

Hurricane Maria makes landfall over Puerto Rico

Climate Threats Are Expected To Increase In 2018

A Google advertisement for its voice assistant at CES 2018
Getty ImagesTech

Voice-Sensitive Tech Dominated CES — Even With Its Security Drawbacks

A patient receives a flu shot
U.S. Department of DefenseSci/Health

Why It's So Hard To Get A Flu Vaccine Right

Byton's concept electric SUV

Electric Car Batteries Are About To Charge Faster And Last Longer

The HTC Vive Pro VR headset

HTC Debuts Shinier, More Expensive VR Headset

A snowed-in house in New York
Getty ImagesU.S.

What Extreme Cold Does To Your House And The Things In It

A view of the United States from GOES-16
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSci/Health

The Northeast Could Briefly Be Colder Than Mars

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Alaska's Biggest Wildlife Refuge Has More Oil Than We Need Right Now

A NASA visualization of 2016 temperature extremes

Research Shows Climate Changes That Only Humans Could Cause

A "League of Legends" player at his keyboard
Newsy StaffTech

Varsity Gamers: The Dream

College esports gamers on stage at the 2017 Midwest Campus Clash
Newsy StaffTech

Varsity Gamers: The Competition

Esports teams practice at Columbia College and Maryville University
Newsy StaffTech

Varsity Gamers: The Training

Andrew "CKG" Smith and Connor "Artemis" Doyle
Newsy StaffTech

Varsity Gamers: The Players

A rendering of the sun's magnetic field

How To 'Listen' To The Eerie Sounds Of Space

A student wears a virtual reality headset on the beach
Matt Perko, UC Santa BarbaraU.S.

Could VR Field Trips Replace The Real Thing?

A Wi-Fi icon
Tom Reynolds / CC BY 2.0Tech

Wi-Fi Flaw Leaves An Ever-Larger Internet Of Things Vulnerable

Hurricane Irma
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSci/Health

2017 Will Be One Of The Costliest U.S. Natural Disaster Years Ever

Storm clouds over Chicago
Getty ImagesSci/Health

How Cities Will Stay Dry In A Rain-Soaked Future

A news article selected by algorithm
Newsy staffTech

The Cost Of Letting A Computer Sort Our Online News

People run from gunfire at a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada on Monday.
Getty Images / David BeckerU.S.

Mass Shootings Far More Common In US Than Anywhere Else In The World

YouTube's new machine learning software has taken down thousands of Syrian conflict videos.
Evan Thomas / NewsyWorld

YouTube Videos Show Evidence Of War Atrocities — Until They're Deleted

Smokestacks in China
Getty ImagesSci/Health

How To Keep Countries Honest About Their Carbon Emissions

Animation of a grid of satellites
Quadra Pi R2E / Jet Propulsion LaboratorySci/Health

Tiny Satellites Will Give Wildfire-Fighting A Big Boost

An endangered Key deer in Florida
U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSci/Health

For Florida's Endangered Wildlife, Hurricanes Come With The Territory

Hurricane Irma

Do We Need A Hurricane Category 6?

X-37 space plane on a runway
U.S. Air ForceSci/Health

What We Know About The Secretive Space Plane SpaceX Just Launched

Flooding in Houston, Texas, after Hurricane Harvey
U.S. Customs and Border ProtectionSci/Health

Bigger Floods Are Coming, And Our Emergency Plans Aren't Keeping Up

Molten salt power storage system in Nevada
NASA / SolarReserveSci/Health

For A Renewable Future, We'll Need To Be Able To Store Way More Power

The 2017 total solar eclipse and skyline of Columbia, Missouri
Newsy StaffSci/Health

What It's Like Under A Total Solar Eclipse