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Evan Thomas

Science and Technology Reporter

Evan covers technology and the Internet and produces all sorts of video content for Newsy and its partners. The Colorado native splits his time between coffee, videogames and bicycling; but has elected to not worry about splitting his music time — instead he just wears headphones eighteen hours a day.

  Recent Work
Plants growing aboard the International Space Station

The Promise Of Space Gardening

Grand Teton
U.S. National Park ServiceSci/Health

A Government Shutdown Makes National Parks Riskier Than Usual

The fourth version of the Media Bias Chart
Ad Fontes Media, Inc. / Vanessa OteroPolitics

This Map Can Help Navigate The Partisan Media Landscape

Floodwater after Hurricane Florence in South Carolina
Getty ImagesSci/Health

The Slow, Careful Rise Of Climate Change Attribution

A coal-fired power plant in Utah
Getty ImagesSci/Health

EPA Could Loosen CO2 Rules For Coal Plants That Nobody's Building

Satellite images of Hurricane Michael
NASA / GSFC, MISR TeamSci/Health

Every Hurricane Season Ends With A Single Number

MarCO CubeSats over Mars
NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratorySci/Health

Tiny CubeSats Sent Word Of InSight's Landing All The Way From Mars

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai
Getty ImagesTech

Proposed Text Message Rules Echo The Fight Over Net Neutrality

U.S. Department of AgricultureSci/Health

Why Leafy Greens Are So Often Responsible For Foodborne Illness

Debris from Lion Air flight 610 in Indonesia
Getty ImagesWorld

Boeing's Fleet Of At-Risk 737 MAX Planes Is Growing

A bucket of soybeans
Getty ImagesU.S.

Soybeans Are A Huge Casualty In The US-China Trade War

The Kepler space telescope
NASA Ames / W. StenzelSci/Health

NASA's Kepler Space Telescope Is Finally Shutting Down

Hurricane Willa in the Pacific Ocean on Oct. 22
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S.

Why Are So Many Hurricanes Getting So Strong, So Quickly?

The Santa Ana winds blow wildfire smoke out of California into the Pacific Ocean

What Makes California's Santa Ana Winds So Fierce?

The Hubble Space Telescope

NASA Is Getting Pretty Good At Fixing Space Telescopes From The Ground

Flood risk areas on the Florida coast ahead of Hurricane Michael
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S.

The Shape Of Florida's Gulf Coastline Can Make Storm Flooding Worse

A coal-fired power plant in Germany
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Addressing The Dire Climate Straits Could Mean Leaving Coal Behind

A smartphone displays a test alert message
Federal Emergency Management AgencyTech

Why We Need A Nationwide Cell Phone Alert Test

El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park
Alex Demas, U.S. Geological SurveySci/Health

Climate Change Hits National Parks Harder Than Anywhere Else In The US

Floodwaters from Hurricane Florence
Getty ImagesU.S.

How Rising Seas Made Florence's Flooding Worse

Hurricane Michael approaches the Florida coast
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationU.S.

Hurricane Categories Don't Tell You Anything About The Water

Rainfall measurements in Hurricane Florence

What Happens When A Hurricane Stalls

A European corn borer
Keith Weller / United States Department of AgricultureSci/Health

To Survive In A Warmer World, Insects Will Eat More Of Our Crops

Rainfall measurements in Hurricane Lane
NASA / JAXA, Hal PierceSci/Health

Why Hawaii Doesn't Usually Endure Many Hurricanes

United States 
Drug Enforcement AdministrationU.S.

Sewers Show The Unexpected Scope Of The US' Illegal Drug Problem

A man next to a dead whale shark on a Florida beach
FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute/CC by 2.0Sci/Health

Red Tides Can Be Dangerous For Humans, Too

An elephant with a calf
U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSci/Health

Elephants Have Special Genes That Keep Them From Getting Cancer

Artist's rendering of the Parker Solar Probe

To Get To The Sun, NASA's Probe Will Have To Hit The Brakes

A firefighter attacks wildfire flames near a home.
U.S. Department of Homeland SecuritySci/Health

The More We Expand Into Wild Spaces, The Worse Wildfires Can Get

The Curiosity mission approaches Mars

For Future Astronauts, It's A Good Thing Mars Gets This Close