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Evan Thomas

Science and Technology Reporter

Evan covers technology and the Internet and produces all sorts of video content for Newsy and its partners. The Colorado native splits his time between coffee, videogames and bicycling; but has elected to not worry about splitting his music time — instead he just wears headphones eighteen hours a day.

  Recent Work
The IceCube Lab and a readout of a neutrino event
IceCube CollaborationSci/Health

For The First Time, We Know Exactly Where A Neutrino Came From

Air conditioning units for sale
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Our Air Conditioning Appetite Could Lead To More Air Quality Deaths

A wind turbine and cooling towers from a coal power plant
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Some Of Our Worst-Polluting Industries Could Get Greener With One Fix

A woman uses a smartphone outside the Supreme Court building
Getty ImagesTech

Supreme Court Smartphone Ruling Is A Privacy Law For The Modern Age

A facial recognition camera
Getty ImagesTech

There Aren't Many Laws Governing Facial Recognition At US Airports

A drone in New York City
Getty ImagesTech

Drones Endanger Other Aircraft, But Finding Culprit Pilots Is Tricky

A loot box
Blizzard EntertainmentSci/Health

Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does

construction in Miami
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Coastal Real Estate Is Already Feeling The Costs Of Sea Level Rise

A tractor in a field of crops
U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsSci/Health

Just 100 Nuke Detonations Could Cause Worldwide Food Shortages

A map of Earth with ocean floor features
Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth ObservatorySci/Health

Making A Detailed Map Of Earth's Oceans Is Harder Than It Looks

The Curiosity rover
NASA Jet Propulsion LaboratorySci/Health

There's Still No Life On Mars — But The Odds Are Getting Better

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes May Be Getting Slower, Making Them Even More Destructive

Offshore wind turbine in a storm
U.S. Department of EnergyU.S.

How Wind Turbines Could Guard The Coast Against Strong Hurricanes

A sea turtle tangled in a fishing net
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSci/Health

Sea Turtles Have To Deal With Plastic Threats On Two Fronts

A runner in the snow
Getty ImagesSci/Health

For A Healthy Brain, Exercise Your Legs

polar bears
National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationSci/Health

Some Animals Are So Famous, People Don't Realize They're Endangered

A cartoon brain with the words "Laurel" and "Yanny"

How The Laurel-Yanny Clip — Like 'The Dress' — Tricks Our Brains

Bitcoin tokens
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Bitcoin Mining Eats Enough Energy To Power Ireland

Getty ImagesSci/Health

How The Droids Of 'Star Wars' Could Inspire Artificial Intelligence

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica
James Yungel, NASA IceBridgeSci/Health

A Huge International Mission Investigates Glaciers' Melting Problem

A coronal mass ejection
SOHO (ESA and NASA)Sci/Health

Why Experts Say We Should All Pay More Attention To Space Weather

Artist's impression of an asteroid

Asteroids May Have Delivered More Of Earth's Water Than We Thought

network cables
Getty ImagesTech

Net Neutrality Was Repealed, But It's Not Dead Yet

Marijuana plants grow under lights
Newsy StaffSci/Health

Legal Weed Growers Use Ridiculous Amounts Of Electricity

Marijuana plants in a greenhouse
Newsy StaffPolitics

The Government Considers Marijuana Illegal And Taxes It Anyway

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

NASA's New Exoplanet Telescope Could Help Us Find Another Earth

A semiautonomous aircraft undergoes military testing
U.S. NavyTech

The Future Of Warfare Is Autonomous, But How Close Are We?

Mark Zuckerberg testifies at a Senate hearing
Getty ImagesTech

Zuckerberg And Congress Agree: People Don't Read Terms Of Service

Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill
Getty ImagesTech

After Months Of Defending Its Image, Where Does Facebook Stand?

Plasma on the surface of the sun takes the shape of a tornado

Are There Giant Tornadoes On The Sun's Surface?