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Eugene Daniels

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A self proclaimed news nerd, Eugene started his career in local TV news but was looking for something new and different and jumped ship to Newsy in June of 2015. He focuses a lot of his time on political or entertainment news so you can catch him analyzing a presidential race or debating why Shonda Rhimes is the savior television needed. Outside of work, you'll find Eugene with an actual book (gasp!) in his hands or binging on Netflix like it helps pay the bills.

  Recent Work
Illustration of people at a chalkboard
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Here's What's At Stake In The 2018 Midterm Elections

Illustration of people using smartphones and devices
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerTech

Smart Cities Are The Next Frontier In The Data Protection Debate

Panmunjom, on the border between North and South Korea
Getty ImagesWorld

What To Expect From The North-South Korean Summit

Getty ImagesPolitics

Closer-Than-Expected AZ Win Forecasts A Grim 2018 Midterm For The GOP

Multiple cities are working to become "smarter."
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerBusiness

Self-Aware Trash Cans, Other 'Smart City' Innovations Are On The Way

Newsy sat down with two Columbine survivors giving back to other mass shooting survivors.
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

Two Columbine Survivors Have Worked To Move On, Heal By Giving Back

Marijuana plants in a greenhouse
Newsy StaffPolitics

The Government Considers Marijuana Illegal And Taxes It Anyway

Paul Ryan during his press conference.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Paul Ryan Quits, Leaving A Fractured GOP Looking For Leadership

Mark Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill
Getty ImagesTech

All Eyes Will Be On How Mark Zuckerberg Reacts To Congress This Week

Newsy speaks to a reverend at the ACT to End Racism rally
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiU.S.

People of Faith Say They Are Ready To Lead The Fight Against Racism

Still from new ad for Kelda Roys.
Kelda Roys for GovernorPolitics

Women Candidates May Be Embracing Womanhood, Motherhood In Midterms

The Democratic and Republican Party logos.
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

The Composition Of Our Political Parties Has Never Been Starker

President Trump walking on the White House lawn.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump Wants A Line-Item Veto. The Constitution Could Get In His Way.

Student Tanner Ray at a gun range
Tanner RayPolitics

Despite The March, The Gun Debate Isn't Settled Among Young People

Students at the March for Our Lives.
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Intersectionality Was On Display At The March For Our Lives In DC

DHS head Kirstjen Nielsen
Getty ImagesPolitics

Securing US Elections Ultimately Comes Down To States, Not The Feds

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty ImagesPolitics

There Seems To Be Plenty Of Love Lost Between Facebook And Congress

Conor Lamb, the apparent congressman-elect for PA-18.
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Conor Lamb Pulls Out Apparent Victory In PA: A 2018 Midterms Omen?

Greene County official Scott Kelley
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Paper Ballots Are More Of A Placebo Than A Cure For Election Meddling

Two campaign volunteers go canvassing in Pennsylvania.

Here's What It Looks Like During The Last Days Of A Campaign

President George W. Bush in 2002.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Here's What Happened The Last Time We Imposed Steel Tariffs

The NRA lobbied against federally funded gun violence studies.
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Gun Research In The US Is Lacking. That's No Accident.

Democrats hold a press conference
Getty ImagesPolitics

GOP Polling Gains Spook Democrats Hoping For A Midterm Rout

Students during a protest outside the White House.
Newsy Staff / Megan SmithPolitics

We Spoke With High Schoolers About Gun Control. Here's What They Said.

A clip from Romney's ad.
Romney for UtahPolitics

The Run-Up To Mitt Romney's Senate Bid Has Been Full Of Drama

President Donald Trump

Local Governments Do The Heavy Lifting In Trump's Infrastructure Plan

local leaders of "America's Cabinet"
People for the American WayPolitics

Not A Fan Of D.C. Drama? Meet 'America's Cabinet'

House intel committee meeting
Getty ImagesPolitics

Being Congress Committee Chair Doesn't Seem As Great As It Used To Be

President Donald Trump
Getty ImagesPolitics

Unsurprisingly, Immigration Was The Centerpiece Of Trump's Speech

A graphic of a designated survivor during the state of the union.
Newsy Staff / Andrew LawlerPolitics

Meet The Designated Survivor: A Decimated Government's Backup Plan