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Chance Seales is an incurable political enthusiast and noted Oprah historian. He anchors and produces Newsy's "The Why." Chance has led national coverage of presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court from Washington for broadcast companies like Nexstar and Media General, and previously worked at Newsy in its early days. He and his husband are the (way too) proud dads of Bear and Peggy — the world's sweetest French Bulldogs.

  Recent Work
Ticks on a sheet of paper
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Chronic Lyme Disease Is Common, But It Doesn't Officially Exist

Monica Polk. dancer
Mai Nolasco-Carranza / NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Dancer

Brain scans
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Can Pedophilia Be Treated Like Any Other Mental Illness?

E-Verify presentation
Getty ImagesPolitics

It's Hard To Incentivize Companies To Stop Hiring Undocumented Workers

Ray Kurzweil gives a talk
Getty imagesPolitics

Silicon Valley's Newest Venture Is The Search For Immortality

People wave Venezuelan flag
Getty ImagesWorld

Venezuela's Crisis Is Rooted In Oil Prices — And Authoritarianism

Dave Matthews with Spotify logo in back
Getty ImagesEntertainment

When You Buy A Song, How Much Of That Money Goes To The Artist?

Person holding smartphone
Getty ImagesTech

Young Users Run Social Media, And That May Be Bad News For Facebook

Bob Corker with reporters
Getty ImagesPolitics

Could Our Government Get More Done If It Were Less Transparent?

Dinosaur skeleton
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Think An Asteroid Killed The Dinosaurs? Some Scientists Aren't So Sure

A Samsung and Apple smartphone are displayed on August 6, 2014 in London, England.
Getty ImagesTech

Going Black-And-White On Your Phone Might Not Be A Bad Idea

Darren Criss at Emmys
Getty ImagesU.S.

Should Hollywood Cast Stars Based on Ability or Identity?

People working at table
Getty ImagesBusiness

Should Companies Look Past Candidates' College Degrees?

Chance Seales and Michelle Jacoby
Mai Nolasco-Carranza / NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Matchmaker

Hands working clay
Luke Piotrowski / NewsyU.S.

Dream Jobs: Potter

Man scans items in a warehouse
Getty ImagesTech

Our Data Is Out There — And We Aren't Doing Much To Protect It

Jordanian queen
Getty ImagesWorld

Does American-Style Democracy Work In The Middle East?

People looking at phones
Getty ImagesTech

Checking Your Phone All The Time? Going Grayscale Might Fix That

Basketball player gets face scanned
Getty ImagesTech

AI Is Still Really Bad At Recognizing Minorities' Faces

Visitors take pictures at the National Building Museum
Newsy / Mai Nolasco-CarranzaU.S.

Dream Jobs: Museum Curator

Woman holding anti-racism sign
Getty ImagesU.S.

Calling A Hate Crime, A Hate Crime

Woman clapping in classroom
Getty ImagesU.S.

A Bilingual Brain Solves Problems Faster

Man with dog
Getty ImagesU.S.

Owning A Pet Could Literally Be Making You Healthier

Model of HIV Virus
Getty ImagesSci/Health

HIV Is Getting Harder To Treat. Could Another AIDS Epidemic Be Next?

David Hogg talks with Dan Rather.
Getty ImagesU.S.

Your New Coworker Is Gen Z, Not A Millennial

Traders at New York Stock Exchange
Getty ImagesBusiness

Companies Use 60 Percent Of Profits On Stock Buybacks. What Are They?

Warship with Turkish Flag

After Nine Decades, Is Our Partnership With Turkey Nearing A Break-Up?

Getty ImagesPolitics

Suing Women-Only Spaces In The Name of Men's Rights

Medicare for All protesters
Getty ImagesPolitics

Americans Want Medicare For All, But How Do We Pay For it?

Matt Wuerker and Chance Seales
Newsy / Megan SmithPolitics

Dream Jobs: Political Cartoonist