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Chance Seales is an incurable political enthusiast and noted Oprah historian. He anchors and produces Newsy's "The Why." Chance has led national coverage of presidents, Congress and the Supreme Court from Washington for broadcast companies like Nexstar and Media General, and previously worked at Newsy in its early days. He and his husband are the (way too) proud dads of Bear and Peggy — the world's sweetest French Bulldogs.

  Recent Work
Trump and Nigeria President Buhari
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How Nigeria Is Quickly Becoming A World Power

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How Young Hispanics May Have The Deciding Vote In Future Elections

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The 'Right Way' To Do Trade Internationally May Not Always Be Obvious

Protest on Money in Politics
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The $195 Order Of Cider And Punch That Launched Campaign Finance Law

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Dream Jobs: Crossword Constructor

Man at voting booth
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Our Primary System Didn't Start With The Framers, So Why Do We Do It?

Voting Boxes
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Presidential Campaigns In The US Are Long. Does It Affect How We Vote?

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An Internal Emotion, Shame Has Consequences For Our External World

Self driving car on track.
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Will Self-Driving Cars Get A Crash Course In Ethics?

Rover on Mars
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The Modern Space Race To Prepare For War Beyond Earth

Three children jump on a trampoline
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The Middle Child Is Important ... And Disappearing

The words 'In God We Trust' are seen on U.S. currency October 14, 2004 in Washington, DC.
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The Chances You'll Make The Same Money As Mom & Dad

Florist Paige Long
Newsy / Megan SmithU.S.

Dream Jobs: Florist

Mark Zuckerberg, Dan Rose and Sheryl Sandberg
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Often Overlooked, The Introvert Has Unique Potential To Lead

Brain exhibit
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Is The Herpes Virus A Key To Curing Alzheimer's Disease?

Man on computer
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Media Is All-Consuming, Immediate And Affecting Our Brains

Food bank worker
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Food Stamps Have Evolved A Lot Over Time. Is Trump's Harvest Box Next?

Lawmakers sign bill in Wisconsin
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The Shadow Writers Crafting Many Of America's Laws

Jewish baby
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Circumcision Is Controversial, But It's Not The Norm Everywhere

Family in Washington D.C.
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Your Parents' Financial Success Might Determine Yours

Mary Kong-Devito
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Dream Jobs: Restaurant E-Impresario

Pregnant woman
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Big Families Are Out; Education And Income Are In

Vials of DNA entering a machine
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Our Environment Gives Our DNA Instructions, Changing Who We Are

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) and Gloria Allred in 1989
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Roe V. Wade, Explained

Cook County prisoners
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Here's How Some States Are Already Reducing Prison Populations

Men in NYC
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What Became Of America's '47 Percent'?

Mo Paul
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Dream Jobs: Antiquer

Rosana Vollmerhausen
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Dream Jobs: Personal Stylist

Antidepressant pills
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Antidepressants Definitely Work. Long-Term Effects Are Less Definite.

McDonald's employee
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Teens Are Waiting Longer To Get A Job — And That Affects All Of Us