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Casey is an enthusiastic admirer of all things journalism-related. Before joining Newsy, she worked as a photojournalist, videographer and sometimes writer for small local newspapers and radio stations. She is recovering from a liberal arts education, but her friends say she "at least comes across as normal now." When she's not working, you can find her tweeting about journalism, politics, television and food.

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Guillermo Del Toro holds Oscars
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'And The Award Goes To ...': A Rundown Of Award Show Season

Film poster for "If Beale Street Could Talk"
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'Beale Street' Pairs An Iconic Civil Rights Voice With A Modern Eye

Kesha at the Time gala
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Dr. Luke's Lawsuit Against Kesha Could Broaden The Scope Of Defamation

Movie poster for "Mary Queen of Scots"
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Long Live The Big-Screen Queens: The Draw Of This 16th Century Rivalry

Giving Tuesday celebration.
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Spending Vs. Giving: What Motivated The Creation Of 'Giving Tuesday'

"Star Trek" kiss scene
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This 'Star Trek' Kiss Was Iconic — But Not For The Reason You've Heard

Man shoots at bulletproof table.
First Line FurnitureU.S.

Bulletproof: Why Tables And Backpacks Are Now Doubling As Shields

Roll of Georgia voter stickers.
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Georgia Is Headed For A Runoff — But Will Voters Go Back To The Polls?

Stan Lee beside a Spider-Man poster
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Stan Lee: The Godfather Of Modern Comic Book Superheroes

Red poppies placed on Australian War Memorial.
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Poppies For Veterans: The International 'Flower Of Remembrance'

Voters line up at polling station.
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Waiting To Vote: Solving The Problem Of Long Election Day Lines

Pres. Trump at rally.
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The Soundtrack Of A Trump Rally: Rock, Pop And... Broadway?

Rally attendees hold signs.

We Asked Trump Rally Attendees What Issues Were Driving Them To Vote

Film poster for "Bohemian Rhapsody"
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Biopics Are Pretty Formulaic, And 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is No Exception

"Gab" logo surrounded by web pages.
Twitter / @getongabTech

How 'Gab' Is Connected To The Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting

Tractor plants in field.
Zipporah Films / "Monrovia, Indiana"Entertainment

'Monrovia, Indiana': Going Against The Caricatures Of Small Town USA

People eat noodles in theater.
The Food Film FestivalEntertainment

Eating In Reel Life: The Fandom Of Film Foods

Shonda Rhimes speaks at Elle event.
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Shonda Rhimes: 'I Am The Highest-Paid Showrunner In Television'

Michael Myers wielding a knife.
Universal Pictures / "Halloween" (2018)Entertainment

'Halloween' Is A Horror Classic — But Does It Need A Tenth Sequel?

Photographers surround press conference
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After 1 Year Of #MeToo, Are Reporters Handling The Topic Responsibly?

Man gets food from Waffle House during storm.
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How Bad Could A Storm Be? Look To Waffle House For Answers

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing
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'A Star Is Born': A Film Remade For Every Generation Since 1937

Characters of "Mean Girls" at mall.
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Why Do Millennials Love 'Mean Girls' So Much, Anyways?

Animation of two women

How Digital Resources Can Help Abuse Survivors In The Age Of #MeToo

Row of lockers

'Boys Will Be Boys' — The Harm Of Justifying Assault With Stereotypes

Film poster for "Captain Marvel."
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The Complicated History Of The Captain Marvel(s)

Donald Glover holds Emmy awards
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Here's What To Watch Out For During The 2018 Emmy Awards

Family plays game in hurricane shelter.
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How Parents Can Help Kids Understand The Dangers Of Hurricanes

Romantic comedy movie posters
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Rom-Coms Have Gotten A Makeover — And Now They're Winning Viewers Back

Aerial photo of Yale University.
Michael Marsland / Yale UniversityPolitics

This Title IX Case Set The Foundation For Campus Sexual Assault Policy