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Casey is an enthusiastic admirer of all things journalism-related. Before joining Newsy, she worked as a photojournalist, videographer and sometimes writer for small local newspapers and radio stations. She is recovering from a liberal arts education, but her friends say she "at least comes across as normal now." When she's not working, you can find her tweeting about journalism, politics, television and food.

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Teens sitting on car during 1969 Woodstock music festival
Ric Manning / CC by 3.0U.S.

Woodstock's 50th Anniversary Celebrates More Than A Rock Festival

Crowd at music festival
Getty ImagesEntertainment

The Changing Tunes Of Music Festivals From Woodstock To Coachella

Historic image of the White House after fire
The White House Historical AssociationU.S.

From The White House To Notre Dame: Why We Rebuild Historical Icons

1800s photograph of Notre Dame Cathedral
Édouard BaldusWorld

Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral Has A History Of Disrepair And Rebirth

Protesters outside Brunei-owned Beverly Hills Hotel

The Brunei Hotel Boycott Highlights The Struggles Of LGBTQ Travelers

Arab mother and child targeted by sniper.
Warner Bros. / "American Sniper"Entertainment

The Military Entertainment Complex Misrepresents Arabs And Muslims

Illustration of computer screen

Why White Nationalist, Supremacist Content Is So Easy To Find Online

"Dumbo" remake film poster.
Walt Disney Studios / "Dumbo"Entertainment

No (Real) Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of These Films

Police investigate New Zealand property.
Getty ImagesWorld

The Violence Of The New Zealand Mosque Shooting Is Amplified Online

Person watches Netflix in bed

Netflix Or Chill? Your Answer Will Determine How Well You Sleep.

Aretha Franklin
Neon / "Amazing Grace"Entertainment

Aretha Franklin's 'Amazing Grace' Is Finally Headed To Theaters

John David Washington and Ron Stallworth.
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Real-Life 'Black Klansman' On Why His Story Still Resonates Today

"Captain Marvel" film poster.
Walt Disney StudiosEntertainment

Trolls Want You To Think 'Captain Marvel' Is Marvel's Worst Film

Audience at Sundance Film Festival
Getty ImagesEntertainment

True/False: What It Takes To Program A Diverse, Inclusive Film Fest

Alfonso Cuarón and Liboria "Libo" Rodríguez.
Netflix / "Roma"Entertainment

Alfonso Cuarón Just Won His Second Oscar For Best Directing

Spider-Man swings through NYC traffic.
Sony Pictures / "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse"Entertainment

'Into The Spider-Verse' Swings And Nabs Best Animated Feature Oscar

Poster for Pixar's "Bao."
Disney / "Bao"Entertainment

Pixar's 'Bao' Just Won The Oscar For Best Animated Short

The main characters of "Roma"
Netflix / "Roma"Entertainment

This Is Why You're Hearing So Much About Alfonso Cuarón's Film 'Roma'

Film poster for "Green Book"
Universal Pictures / "Green Book"Entertainment

Despite Criticism, 'Green Book' Wins The Oscar For Best Picture

Film poster for "Bohemian Rhapsody"
20th Century Fox / "Bohemian Rhapsody"Entertainment

Biopics Are Pretty Formulaic, And 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is No Exception

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper singing
Warner Bros. Pictures / "A Star is Born"Entertainment

'A Star Is Born': A Film Remade For Every Generation Since 1937

Sketch of historian Carter G. Woodson
Charles AlstonU.S.

The Lasting Impacts And Goals Of Teaching Black History

Students looking at book

Understanding The Pitfalls Of How We Teach Black History Today

Illustration of father sold away from his family.
U.S. National ArchivesU.S.

How Racist History Books Spurred The Black History Education Of Today

President Trump acknowledges guests at State of the Union
Getty ImagesPolitics

'Skutniks' And The Art Of Name-Dropping During The State Of The Union

University of Missouri football team with trophy.
Getty ImagesSports

In Cases Of Academic Fraud, The NCAA May Have A Consistency Problem

Three Canada Goose coats.
Canada GooseU.S.

How Much Money Should You Actually Be Investing In A Winter Coat?

Poster for 'I Am The Night'
TNT / "I Am The Night"Entertainment

Who Killed The Black Dahlia? 'I Am The Night' Adds To The 1947 Mystery

Pro-choice activists in Washington D.C.
Getty ImagesPolitics

46 Years After Roe V. Wade, 'TRAP Laws' Make Abortion Hard To Access

Map of Central Missouri

This Missouri 'Abortion Desert' Is A Testing Site For Pro-Life Rulings