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Bianca Facchinei

Politics Reporter

Bianca is a politics reporter for Newsy in the Washington, DC office. Prior to joining the team, she covered business and economics for ETF Trader on Real Vision and Boom Bust on RT America. She's traveled all around the world to cover a wide variety of stories, from the refugee crisis across Europe to the Cuba embargo. She is a graduate of St. Joseph's University and a native of New Jersey, which explains why she still hasn't discovered pizza that meets her standards in the nations's capital.

  Recent Work

After Florence, Long Clean Up Now Begins in New Bern

Volunteers across North Carolina are bringing residents and pets to safety.
Getty ImagesU.S.

Volunteer Groups Assist In Florence Rescue Missions

College students at graduation.
Getty ImagesBusiness

10 Years After The Recession, Millennials Still Struggle Financially

The U.S. dollar.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Trump, Obama Battle Over Credit For Improving Economy

President Trump in the White House.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Just How Unprecedented Was The NYT's Trump Op-Ed?

A steel company worker.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Canada Has Until Friday To Make A Decision On NAFTA

The California State Capitol
Getty ImagesPolitics

California Could Require Public Universities To Offer Abortion Pills

A protester at an anti-abortion rally
Getty ImagesPolitics

Anti-Abortion Rights Democrats Face Uncertain Future In Congress

U.S. Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) leaving court.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Will Trump Team Scandals Weigh Down GOP in November?

A homeless man asks for money in San Francisco.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Are Silicon Valley Imitators At Risk Of Affordable Housing Crises?

A 3D-printed gun in the making.
Defense DistributedPolitics

3D-Printed Guns Draw Backlash Across Washington

Cornfields in New Jersey.
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Farming Groups Prepare To Lose More Money Under Trump Tariffs

Gretchen Carlson talks with Newsy about #MeToo.
Newsy Staff / Megan SmithPolitics

Gretchen Carlson On #MeToo: We've Only Scratched The Surface

Rep. Joe Kennedy III
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Rep. Kennedy: Senate Should Reject Brett Kavanaugh

Rep. Joe Kennedy III
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Rep. Kennedy: US Immigration Law Is 'Incomprehensible'

Congressman Kennedy sits down for an interview with Newsy.
Newsy Staff / Luke PiotrowskiPolitics

Rep. Kennedy On Trump In Europe: 'A Disaster From Day One'

President Trump and President Putin at a press conference in Helsinki.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Congress Reacts To Trump's Meeting With Putin

Ohio Gov. John Kasich sits down with Newsy.
Newsy Staff/Megan SmithPolitics

John Kasich: 'The Republican Party Is A Cheap Facsimile Thereof'

Protesters seen before President Trump's arrival in the UK.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Why Europeans Are Concerned About President Trump

Hundreds of people attend a job fair in New York.
Getty ImagesBusiness

Is A Job Guarantee Possible In America?

The Supreme Court rules on the travel ban.
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Evolution Of Trump's Travel Ban

Michael Biesecker of The Associated Press talks to Newsy
Newsy Staff/Megan SmithPolitics

Va. Lawmakers Investigate Juvenile Immigration Center Abuse Claims

A Walgreens pharmacist disposing of OxyContin.
Getty ImagesPolitics

House GOP Targets Opioid Epidemic Amid Proposed Entitlement Cuts

Protesters at a DACA rally.
Getty ImagesPolitics

House Immigration Bills: What's At Stake?

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley talks to Newsy at the White House
Newsy Staff/Megan SmithPolitics

Hogan Gidley: Role Of Congress In Denuclearization Depends On Deal

President Donald Trump in Singapore
Getty ImagesWorld

Congress Is Split On The Outcome Of The US-North Korea Summit

President Trump in Singapore.
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Full Rundown Of The Trump-Kim Summit

President Trump at the White House.
Getty ImagesPolitics

GOP Lawmakers Fear More Tariffs Will Kill U.S. Jobs

Sen. Rand Paul and Newsy's Bianca Facchinei

Sen. Rand Paul: Congress Has Abdicated Role In War

Illustration of California voters' party distribution

Republicans Are No Longer The Second-Largest Voting Bloc In California