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Alexandra Miller

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Alex has been an reporter (at least in her mind) since she was four. Yes, she forced her friends to do pretend newscasts instead of playing house. She's covered politics in D.C. for nearly three years, and joined the Newsy team in August 2017. When Alex isn't delivering the news while standing on an apple box, she's probably scrolling through Twitter (@AlexMillerNews) and watching her beloved Redskins continue to disappoint.

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Martin County drinking water (Left) vs. bottled water

Martin County Residents Stonewalled At Meeting About Unsafe Water

Abandoned buildings in Baltimore
Getty ImagesU.S.

The War On Poverty Continues

Martin County Water Treatment Facility
Newsy / Sarah GirouxU.S.

Ky. County Residents Are Skeptical About Govt. Help For 18-Year Crisis

Nina McCoy discusses her town's struggle for c

Why One County Has Avoided Drinking Its Water For 18 Years

a water valve

Some In This Small Kentucky County Live Without Running Water

Martin County residents say their officials spent money on buildings that could have been used to fix their water problems.

Kentucky Locals Blame Town's Officials For Ongoing Water Crisis

A sign that shows town names

A Decades-Old Water Crisis In Kentucky Comes To A Head

An elderly women finishes eating a piece of cake while taking a break during a card game.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Democrats Look To Create Agency To Fulfill Pensions


Gerrymandering — What Is It?

Alex Miller sits down with Rep. Ron Kind

NAFTA Talks Begin Amid Fears The US Will Withdraw From The Deal

A participant in the Women's March 2018 in Washington, D.C.

Thousands Join Women's March In DC

Melanie Lockridge and her 2-year-old daughter Zariyah attend a CHIP rally
Getty ImagesPolitics

CHIP Debate Continues As States Say They're Running Out Of Funds

Voters wait in line at a polling station
Getty ImagesPolitics

The Supreme Court Could Change The Length Of Your State's Voter Rolls

Palestinians celebrate as 15 Palestinian bodies arrive at the Palestinian parlement park
Getty ImagesWorld

Congress Looks To Take Down 'Pay For Slay' Program

Mother Isamar holds her baby at their makeshift home, under reconstruction, after being mostly destroyed by Hurricane Maria.
Getty ImagesU.S.

The Government Could Pay You To Move Off The Beach

U.S. Secretary of Energy Rick Perry
Getty ImagesPolitics

Rick Perry And His Forgotten Department

Demonstrators rally outside the Federal Communication Commission building to protest the end of net neutrality rules
Getty ImagesTech

How Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Will Change The Way You Click

An exhibit at the MOCAT museum

Expression Of Depression

A U.S. Border Patrol agent handcuffs a woman during training
Getty ImagesU.S.

Changing The Conversation: How We Discuss Sex Trafficking Victims

Doug Jones supporter Evan Milligan
Newsy StaffPolitics

African-American Voters Could Decide Alabama's Senate Race

US and Israeli national flags projected on the wall of Jerusalem's Old City on December 6, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel.
Getty ImagesPolitics

Jerusalem: Why The Land Is So Controversial

Republican National Committee communications director Sean Spicer walks through the lobby at Trump Tower, December 14, 2016 i
Getty ImagesPolitics

Republican National Committee Could See End To 35-Year Court Decree

'Surfer' shoots heroin in a park in the South Bronx
Getty ImagesPolitics

Full Circle: How One Man Turned His Recovery Into A Business

A man yells at members of the media
Getty ImagesPolitics

Calling Each Other Names Is Hurting Political Discussion

Karina Smith holds her son as she fills out her ballot
Getty ImagesPolitics

Down-ballot Races Steal Spotlight In November Elections

Prescription medication
Getty ImagesSci/Health

Drug Advertisement Spending Continues To Skyrocket

A boy inspects a rifle during The International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition
Getty ImagesU.S.

Wisconsin's Kids Are Now Allowed To Operate Firearms

U.S. Secretary Interior Ryan Zinke
Getty ImagesPolitics

Secretary Zinke Questions His Department's Loyalty

A man operates an automated teller machine at a Bank of America branch bank in midtown Manhattan.
Getty ImagesBusiness

Millennials Are Planning Differently For Retirement

Environmental activists protest EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's scheduled speech
Getty ImagesSci/Health

The Head Of The EPA Is Waging War On The Agency From Inside