Alex Livingston - Newsy

Alex Livingston

Host, "Morning Rush"

Alex Livingston is host of Newsy's "Morning Rush." Alex was raised in New Jersey so she's a bit of a pizza and bagel snob. If you're going to treat her to either, make sure it's good! She has been across the country and back again following her TV dreams. Before landing at Newsy's Chicago Bureau, Alex worked in Oak Hill, West Virginia, Boise, Idaho and most recently was a Weekend Anchor, Producer and Reporter in Jacksonville, Florida. She graduated from Saint Peters University with a degree in communication and a minor in marketing management. One of Alex's dream interviews is Tracee Ellis Ross. From curly hair to fashion to life in the spotlight, she could talk to her ALL DAY. Alex loves to tell stories that make you feel something, whether that's joy that brightens your day or pain that urges you to make a difference. Alex would love to hear your story idea (submit it: