Talking About Periods Is Tough In Kenya. But That Might Be Changing.

Talking About Periods Is Tough In Kenya. But That Might Be Changing.
Kenyan schools aren't required to teach girls about periods, so one group is taking education into its own hands.

Kenya has a problem when it comes to teaching girls about periods. 

One study showed only half of girls in the country have conversations at home about their menstrual health. 

And while there are education initiatives in some schools, schools aren't required to teach about reproductive health. That could lead to a lot of unanswered questions.

So one group, ZanaAfrica, launched a magazine for girls that provides information about their changing bodies.  

The magazine will be given out with free sanitary pads. But it's unclear how many girls this publication will be able to reach, especially in rural areas. 

Kenya has been praised for repealing its tax on menstrual hygiene products. The government has also put funding toward providing free pads for girls in schools. 

But some schools still don't have a place for girls to change their pads. And, in some cases, the government program doesn't supply enough pads, or the pads are stolen. 

Despite the uphill battle these initiatives are facing, ZanaAfrica and other organizations are trying. And education may be an effective place to start.