Yellow Vest Protests Continue In France For 9th Week

Yellow Vest Protests Continue In France For 9th Week
As many as 84,000 people turned out for the protests on Saturday.

Yellow Vest protests in France continued for the ninth straight weekend on Saturday, with a slight resurgence in turnout as well as violence.

As many as 84,000 turned out for the protests nationwide on Saturday, an increase from the estimated 50,000 the week before. Protests in Paris began peacefully but ended with clashes between demonstrators and the police; 156 people were eventually taken into custody.

New security measures were unveiled on Monday in response to the violence during the protests, which included deploying 80,000 security forces across the country during the protests this weekend and making a registry for violent protesters. 

French President Emmanuel Macron will be presenting a national debate in response to the protests on Jan. 15. The debate will occur both on the internet and in town halls and will cover topics such as taxes and institutional reform.