Why You Can't Compare This Nightclub Shooting To Orlando's

Why You Can't Compare This Nightclub Shooting To Orlando's
A recent shooting near a South Carolina nightclub offers another perspective to the gun debate in America.

The man who shot three people near a South Carolina nightclub is being charged with several counts of attempted murder.

But that's not why some outlets are focusing on the shooting.

Local media report 32-year-old Jody Thompson allegedly opened fire outside Playoffz nightclub early Sunday morning in Lyman, a town in the northern part of the state.

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A local police lieutenant said, "His rounds struck three victims, and almost struck a fourth victim, who in self-defense, pulled his own weapon and fired, striking Thompson in the leg."

Authorities haven't named the man who fired back at Thompson, but they did say he had a concealed carry license. And some are now speculating because that man had a weapon, he stopped Thompson from hurting more people.

Authorities told local media none of the injuries were fatal, including Thompson's. The man who shot him reportedly won't be charged.

Authorities say Thompson was unlawfully carrying a firearm. He is also charged with possession of a weapon during the commission a violent crime.

The shooting comes during a renewed debate over America's gun laws. Weeks prior, 49 people died in a shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and dozens more were injured.

Some argue the Orlando shooting could've been prevented if someone inside Pulse had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

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And the gun laws differ in the states where these two shootings happened: South Carolina's concealed weapons laws let permit holders bring guns into bars, and Florida's don't.

South Carolina loosened its restrictions for guns in bars in 2014. South Carolina's laws now let bar and restaurant owners decide if they want to allow concealed weapons inside.

This video includes clips from WHNS and WSPA and images from Getty Images and South Carolina Sheriff's Office via WIS-TV.