Twitter Temporarily Suspends Donald Trump Jr.'s Account

Twitter Temporarily Suspends Donald Trump Jr.'s Account
According to the screenshot, Donald Trump Jr. violated Twitter's policy on spreading misleading information about COVID-19.

Twitter has suspended Donald Trump Jr.'s account after he shared a video about a potential coronavirus treatment previously touted by his father.

Twitter confirmed the temporary suspension to CNN Business. In a screenshot verified by a CNN reporter — the suspension says the president's son cannot tweet, follow, or like any content for 12 hours. He can still browse Twitter and direct message followers.

The screenshot says Trump Jr. violated Twitter's policy on "spreading misleading" information about COVID-19 by sharing a now deleted video supporting the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.

The anti-malaria drug has been touted by President Trump as a coronavirus treatment option — and he said in May he was personally taking it. He also shared videos supporting the drug as recently as Monday.

xx However, the FDA said in June the drug isn't likely to help patients and revoked permissions for testing it on COVID-19 patients. xx

Twitter announced in May it would begin labeling and deleting misleading or incorrect content about COVID-19, saying it will remove tweets if it "conflicts with guidance from public health experts regarding COVID-19."