Trump's 'National Apprenticeship Week' Promotes Job Training Programs

Trump's 'National Apprenticeship Week' Promotes Job Training Programs
Trump's challenges to employers and educators is in line with his order to expand apprenticeships and other job training programs.

President Donald Trump just proclaimed next week National Apprenticeship Week — and no, it doesn't involve his old television show.

National Apprenticeship Week challenges businesses, educational institutions and government entities to expand job training programs. It falls in line with Trump's past executive order to expand and promote apprenticeships.

"Apprenticeships place students into great jobs without the crippling debt of traditional four-year college degrees. Instead, apprentices earn while they learn — which is an expression we're using: Earn while you learn," Trump said in June.

Trump and the Department of Labor both say apprenticeships can help people learn valuable skills and earn more money over time. The department also says apprenticeship programs can help businesses recruit and develop skilled workforces. 

While apprenticeships have been historically linked to skilled trades or manufacturing, many newer programs are office and tech-oriented.

Because of the benefits of apprenticeships, plans to expand the programs are pretty bipartisan.

During her 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton called for a tax credit for businesses that hire apprentices. In 2015, the Obama administration also invested more than $175 million in American Apprenticeship grants. It was the first annual funding for registered apprenticeships in the U.S.