This Abandoned Floating McDonald's Is Getting A Makeover

This Abandoned Floating McDonald's Is Getting A Makeover
The "McBarge" was abandoned roughly 30 years ago, but now the owner is investing more than $3 million to open a new restaurant there.

A floating McDonald's in Canada, known by many as the "McBarge," is getting a new life after it was abandoned 30 years ago. 

The restaurant, formerly dubbed the Friendship 500, was launched as part of the 1986 world's fair.

But the barge's days as a McDonald's seem to have ended within years of starting.

It was originally intended to offer diners an elegant experience. But fast forward to the new millennium, and the picture's a little bleak. 

Owner Howard Meakin previously tried to turn the barge back into a restaurant, but those plans fell through. 

Now he seems more determined. He's reportedly investing over $3 million USD in restoring and revamping the space. 

Meakin told the Vancouver Sun he can't divulge details about the project due to confidentiality agreements. But he did say it's meant to tie into the 30th anniversary of Canada's Exposition. 

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