Suicide Rates In America Are Up. By A Lot.

Overall suicide rates have climbed 24 percent in the U.S., and women have seen the most dramatic increase.

Suicide Rates In America Are Up. By A Lot.

The number of suicides in the U.S. has been steadily rising since 1999, especially among women. 

Between 1999 and 2014, the overall suicide rate climbed 24 percent, according to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That's a rate of 13 per 100,000 people. 

While rates for males remained higher, suicide among females rose 45 percent.

And among young girls between the ages of 10-14, the rate rose 200 percent to 1.5 per 100,000 people, though the number of suicides within that group still remained comparatively low. 

Women ages 45-64 had the second-largest increase: 63 percent to 9.8 per 100,000 people. 

The CDC report doesn't go into what could be behind the change, but it's worth noting the greatest increases happened between 2006 and 2014 — during and after a major economic recession in the U.S.

Counselors with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline are available 24/7 to help those in crisis. The number is 1-800-273-TALK.