A Zoo Lost Its Endangered (And Adorable) Red Panda

A Zoo Lost Its Endangered (And Adorable) Red Panda
Apparently, red pandas are master escape artists.

This red panda is named Sunny. She's missing from the Virginia Zoo.

Zookeepers last saw Sunny on Monday evening. When they went to check her enclosure Tuesday morning, the 19-month-old panda was gone.

Sunny has been at the Virginia Zoo since May 2016.

But the Virginia Zoo isn't the only one struggling to keep track of a red panda.

Popular Science reports the first known red panda escape happened at a zoo in the Netherlands in 1978.

Since then, zoos and conservation centers in England, Scotland, Germany and Washington, D.C., have reported missing red pandas.

These endangered, acrobatic animals like to climb trees, which is what makes them master escape artists.

For this reason, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums repeatedly says in its care manual that tree branches inside red panda enclosures shouldn't extend past the boundary fence.

The World Wildlife Fund estimates fewer than 10,000 red pandas are left in the world.

The Virginia Zoo is working with local police to find Sunny.