Pentagon Announces Activation Of 2,000 National Guard Members

Pentagon Announces Activation Of 2,000 National Guard Members
Pentagon officials announced the activation of the National Guard in 27 states.

Pentagon officials announced more than 2,000 members of the National Guard have been activated to help fight the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the U.S.

Governors in 27 states will request those guardsmen and -women to assist with coronavirus testing and possibly act as or assist law enforcement 

"We anticipate that number going up relatively quickly — in fact doubling by this weekend, and we expect the total number of guardsmen activated will increase rapidly as test kits become available and the situation unfolds," Air Force Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel said.

Under Title 10 Authorities, President Trump has the ability to mobilize the National Guard, but has been advised against it. 

"I think you can get everything you need from the National Guard more efficiently and more effectively if you leave them in a state status. If you mobilize all of the National Guard, it's going to cost billions and billions and billions of dollars, [and] a lot of people won't have things to do."

Lengyel says there are 450,000 servicemembers ready to help combat the coronavirus pandemic in their states.