Politician Climbs A Border Barrier To Prove A Point To President Trump

Braulio Guerra sits atop the border fence between US and Tijuana
The over 20-foot fence separates the U.S. and Tijuana.

A Mexican legislator scaled an over 20-foot fence to make a point about President Donald Trump's border security plans.

Braulio Guerra posted photos of himself perched atop the fence. The barrier separates Tijuana from the U.S.

He writes: "I climbed the wall with the USA. Look @realdonaldtrump how absurd and unnecessary the expense on this project is that hurts and damages our community."

The legislator also made a video while sitting at the top of the fence. He talked about how easy it was to climb the barrier but that it's dangerous. 

"Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable," he said. 

Guerra didn't post a video of him actually climbing the fence.