Ivanka Trump Is Getting An Office At The White House

Ivanka Trump Is Getting An Office At The White House
The president's daughter will also get security clearance and government-issued communication devices.

Ivanka Trump is setting up camp at the White House.

Senior officials say the first daughter is getting an office at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Her attorney said she's set to receive government-issued communication devices and security clearance.

This isn't typical; Ivanka Trump is not a government employee, nor will she be, and there's not a whole lot of precedent for a first family member to have this kind of power.

Her attorney said she'll serve as President Donald Trump's "eyes and ears," but it's unclear exactly what that means.

Ivanka Trump has agreed to abide by the same ethics rules as official government employees.

But ethics watchdogs have questioned whether that's going far enough. The younger Trump has distanced herself from her businesses and brand but hasn't relinquished all ties.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband, also has watchdogs wondering about conflicts of interest. Kushner serves as senior adviser to the president.

Still, Ivanka Trump says she'll continue to offer "advice and counsel" to the president as she has for her "entire life."