Hundreds Of Holiday Movies Hitting The Small Screen This Season

Hundreds Of Holiday Movies Hitting The Small Screen This Season
Companies like Hallmark, Lifetime, AMC and more have a whole new slate of holiday themed films just in time for the season.

More than 200 original holiday movies are coming out this year and we all pretty much know how they go.

A girl moves back to her hometown, a family tries to save their mom and pop shop, two people fall in love and everyone learns about the spirit of Christmas.

Those are the plot points of most holiday movies — a genre that welcomed more than 200 original titles this year.

Themes about family are as prevalent as ever, whether it means saving family businesses or dealing with family reunion chaos.

Movies featuring princes and princesses are also a big hit his year and you better believe the royals find love in unexpected places.

The heavy hitters of the wholesome seasonal genre make up the bulk of the new releases, with more than 40 films from Hallmark and 30 from Lifetime.

The leader of GAC — Great American Country — is the former head of Hallmark and its new films follow the brand's similar format. Even news outlets like Fox News and Newsy parent company E.W. Scripps are releasing their own original Christmas films.

Now if you're tired of the tropes, cliches and focus on Christmas, there are some films for you too. Companies like Shudder, AMC and Netflix are each releasing darker, horror films with holiday themes.

VH1 and Comedy Central each have more comedic titles for older audiences, and Comedy Central's "Hot Mess Holiday" stars Melanie Chandra and Surina Jindal in a celebration of Diwali.

With thousands of hours of holiday cheers, tears and fears, the seasonal genre continues to deliver to more audiences than ever before.