If You Thought Trump's Inauguration Was Subtle, That Was On Purpose

If You Thought Trump's Inauguration Was Subtle, That Was On Purpose
The Inaugural Committee says the tone was meant to be "workmanlike."

"This is all about getting to work, being able to get to work for the American people — on day one," said Alex Stroman, deputy communications director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. 

Every inauguration is different, but they usually share a lot of pomp and a lot of celebration. But one word being used to describe the inauguration of the 45th president is "workmanlike." 

"He understands the American people want him to get to work. They didn't send him to come into a huge party with huge fanfare and being coronated," Stroman said. 

There's been some question about whether the minimal, understated approach to President Donald Trump's big day was actually on purpose. 

Heading into the inauguration, the publicity of the number of expected protests and problems with getting performers created a sense there was a lack of enthusiasm. But the Trump team says the approach was a directive from the man himself to make this about the people — not him. 

"It's not about any one person; it's not about a coronation," Stroman said. 

But even if the event was meant to be less of a party, organizers estimated anywhere from 700,000 to 900,000 people would be on the National Mall.

And if that number held true, it would be less than half the size of the first inauguration of Trump's predecessor, which saw 1.8 million people in 2009.