As Chicago Waits On Its Governor, Chance The Rapper Steps In

Chance The Rapper performing
The Grammy-winning artist — a longstanding advocate for Chicago children — made a big donation to public schools.

The Chicago Public School system has been facing a funding crisis for years. Chicago native Chance The Rapper is an established advocate for the city and bettering opportunities for its children. Today, he donated $1 million to CPS. 

Last Friday, Chance met with Gov. Bruce Rauner to discuss funding options for the school district, but he said he received "vague answers." Hours before Chance made his donation, the Chicago Tribune reported Rauner's office dropped some ideas "to find $215 million to help the cash-strapped Chicago Public Schools."

The Grammy-winning artist's nonprofit says, "For every $100,000 raised through that channel, Chance will donate an additional $10,000 to a specific public high school or elementary school in the city." You can learn more about Social Works and support the cause here