Migrants Are Still Dying As They Cross The Mediterranean

Migrants Are Still Dying As They Cross The Mediterranean
The Libyan Red Crescent spent hours recovering bodies believed to be migrants.

Dozens of bodies believed to be migrants have washed up on Libya's shore.

The Libyan Red Crescent recovered at least 74 bodies on the country's northern coast Monday. More are believed to be at sea.

One hundred ten people reportedly boarded the dinghy in northern Libya on Saturday. Authorities believe they were trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea to reach Europe.

Workers from Red Crescent recovered bodies for more than six hours. They found a torn dinghy in the area.

The International Organization for Migration estimates over 270 people died trying to make a similar journey in the first seven weeks of 2017.

A record number of migrants died crossing the Mediterranean Sea last year. The United Nations estimates over 5,000 people died trying to make the journey.

Typically, people try to cross the Mediterranean in the warmer months between April and October. Authorities worry this early incident could mean even more deaths this year.