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Inmates Organize Nationwide Protests Over Prison Conditions

In a list of demands, the protesters called for better prison conditions and rehabilitation programs and an end to "prison slavery."


1:59Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates President Trump

1:37The bank of Greece
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Greece Leaves Bailout Programs, But No End In Sight For Austerity

1:00Former Nazi concentration camp guard Jakiw Palij
U.S. Department of Justice

Nazi Living In New York Deported To Germany

2:34Girl holds newspaper with "Statehood" headline
Hawaii State Archives

Hawaii's Complicated Road To Statehood Took 40 Years

0:37Russian ship carrying cargo
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US Slaps Even More Sanctions On Russia

0:45Russian military members participate in exercises
Russian Ministry of Defense

Russia To Host War Games Of 'Unprecedented Scale'

0:35Chinese Vice President meets El Salvador politician
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El Salvador Severs Ties With Taiwan To Become Allies With China

3:16A child wears a Human Rights Campaign logo
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More Parents Are Raising Their Kids As Gender Creative

0:52The Flint River is shown in Flint, Michigan
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Michigan Health Official Heading To Trial In Flint Water Case

0:51Venezuela's new currency sovereign bolivar
Central Bank of Venezuela

Venezuela Issues New Currency — The Sovereign Bolivar

0:56The FBI's logo
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FBI Reportedly Investigating Hacks On Two Congressional Candidates

0:43President Donald Trump
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Trump Chastises Democrats In Speech, Praises Immigration Agents

0:46Melania Trump
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Melania Trump Will Visit Africa Reportedly Without President Trump

0:40Facebook engineer

EU Commission Wants To Crack Down On Terrorist Posts On Social Media

United States 
Drug Enforcement Administration

Sewers Show The Unexpected Scope Of The US' Illegal Drug Problem

0:42Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull
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Australia's PM Scraps Plan To Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap

0:41Flooding in Kerala, India
Office of Chief Minister of Kerala

As Floodwaters Recede, Tens Of Thousands Rescued In India

3:47Children take the say the Pledge of Allegiance during a children's citizenship ceremony.
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The Debate Continues Over The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools

0:54Pope Francis
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Pope Francis Issues A Letter Condemning Sexual Abuse By Priests

0:56Michael Cohen
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Criminal Charges Could Be Filed Against Michael Cohen Very Soon

0:59Muslim pilgrims in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Barring Its Citizens From The Hajj

0:46Afghan President Ashraf Ghani
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Afghanistan's President Calls For Cease-fire With Taliban

0:53Coal-fired power plant
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EPA Proposal Would Roll Back Standards Meant To Curb CO2 Emissions

0:31Don McGahn
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White House Counsel Don McGahn Is Reportedly Cooperating With Mueller

0:54Erik Prince, Blackwater founder
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Privatization Of Afghan War Not Under Consideration, NSC Says

0:48Help Wanted sign
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Youth Unemployment Is Down, But So Is Labor Force Participation

0:45Former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
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Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dies

0:41bomb from Yemen

CNN: Bomb That Hit Yemeni Bus Of Children Was US-Made

3:01Football Practice
Video Blocks

How #MeToo Is Changing How Men Cope With Sexual Trauma

0:42K2 drug
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New Haven, Conn. Is Struggling With A Rash Of K2 Overdoses