Kim Jong-un and others look at a bomb

Some Countries Kick Out Ambassadors From North Korea

Spain said its ambassador from North Korea must leave soon. Mexico, Kuwait and Peru recently did something similar.


1:11Hurricane Maria damage on Guadeloupe in Caribbean
Préfet de Guadeloupe

Hurricane Maria Makes First Landfall As A Category 5 Storm

1:22An editor for the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Why You Likely Already Know A Lot Of The Dictionary's New Words

1:14Capt. Jeffrey Bennett, Rear Adm. Charles Williams
U.S. Navy

Navy Dismisses 2 More Leaders After Incidents Involving The 7th Fleet

4:43DEA forensic chemist holding drug carfentanil
Newsy staff

Getting A Fix: Tackling New Synthetic Drugs

1:48Rohingya refugee (left); Myanmar State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi
Getty Images

UN Says Myanmar Is Running Out Of Time To Help Rohingya Minority

0:40Current path of Tropical Storm Maria

Another Hurricane Could Be Headed Toward The Caribbean

1:16German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Getty Images

Germany's Parliament Readies For Far-Right Party To Win Seats

1:21People protest extrajudicial killings in Caloocan City
Getty Images

An Entire Philippine Police Force Will Be Retrained After Teen's Death

1:23Kurdish fighters train.
Getty Images

US Says It Won't Support Kurdistan's Push For Independence

1:28Army recruits take oath of enlistment
U.S. Army

Army Shreds Immigrant Enlistments, Leaves Some At Risk Of Deportation

1:32A protester and a police officer stare each other down in St. Louis, Missouri.
Getty Images / Michael B. Thomas

In St. Louis, Officer Acquittal Follows A Familiar Pattern

1:10A priest holds a rosary with a cross.
Getty Images

Vatican Launches Investigation Into Priest And Child Porn

1:01Prime Minister of Iceland Bjarni Benediktsson
Prime Minister of Iceland Bjarni Benediktsson

Iceland Calls For Snap Election After Coalition Government Collapses

6:16A 9/11 exhibit is on display at a high school just outside of Washington, D.C. in Prince George's County.
Newsy / Megan Smith

The Next Generation And Learning About 9/11

1:04U.S. Department of State sign
Getty Images

US State Department Gives $25 Million To Fight Modern Slavery

0:54Volunteers load up a truck with supplies for residents of the Keys.
Newsy / Edythe McNamee

The Florida Keys Are Reeling From Hurricane Irma Devastation

0:39Frank mowing the White House lawn
Getty Images

An 11-Year-Old Just Took His Lawn-Mowing Business To The White House

1:43Virginia State Police stand in riot gear in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

Why Race Isn't Part Of A National Police Crime Database

1:02Chelsea Manning takes a selfie
Twitter / @xychelsea

Why Are People Talking About Chelsea Manning And Harvard?

0:41Former St. Louis police Officer Jason Stockley
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department

Former St. Louis Officer Declared Not Guilty Over 2011 Shooting

0:55London emergency responders outside Parsons Green train station
Twitter / @LondonFire

Police Make A 'Significant Arrest' In The London Underground Attack

0:45Two North Korean soldiers stand watch.
Getty Images

North Korea Reportedly Launches Another Missile Over Japan

1:14Image from an Equifax commercial

Equifax Was Warned To Fix System Flaws Months Ago

0:58Department of Homeland Security vehicle
Getty Images

The US Government Is Getting Rid Of Moscow-Based Kaspersky Products

0:57North Korea leader Kim Jong-un on a TV screen
Getty Images

North Korea Threatens To Turn The US Into 'Ashes And Darkness'

0:44A deportee
Getty Images

Trump Follows Through On Campaign Promise About Visas, Deportees

Police in Hollywood, Florida
Twitter / @HollywoodFLPD

At Least 8 Dead After Nursing Home Loses AC Following Irma

0:45Martin Shkreli attends a court hearing.
Getty Images

Judge Revokes Martin Shkreli's Bail, Putting Him In Jail For Months

1:26Aung San Suu Kyi gives a speech.
Getty Images

Amid Rohingya Refugee Crisis, Myanmar's Head Suu Kyi Skips UN Assembly

1:06Trump supporters are pepper sprayed during a clash with protesters at a rally in Berkeley.
Getty Images

Berkeley Police Can Now Use Pepper Spray On Violent Protesters