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The ARA San Juan at a port

The Missing Argentine Navy Submarine Could Be Running Out Of Oxygen

An official told outlets the vessel only has enough oxygen to last around seven days if it's submerged and can't raise a tube for air.


1:01President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe
Getty Images

Zimbabwe's Embattled President Has Finally Resigned

1:17Children hold posters asking the federal government to renew Temporary Protected Status for Haitians.
Getty Images

US To End Temporary Protected Status For Nearly 60,000 Haitians

0:54German Chancellor Angela Merkel
Getty Images

Germany's Political Rift May Leave Europe Without Merkel's Leadership

0:45North Korean military cadets hold former North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's flag.
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Trump Declares North Korea A State Sponsor Of Terror

0:52Robert Mugabe walks after delivering an address to the United Nations General Assembly.
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The Deadline For Zimbabwe's President To Resign Has Passed

1:15U.S. service members in Japan
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US Military Imposes Alcohol Ban In Japan After Fatal Car Crash

1:18Palestine Liberation Organization leader Mahmoud Abbas
Getty Images

Palestinians Could Lose Their Official Delegation In Washington, D.C.

0:52Opposition leader Raila Odinga
Getty Images

Kenyan Opposition Wants International Help With Post-Election Violence

0:45ARA San Juan
Armada Argentina

Argentina Thinks Missing Submarine Made 7 Failed Calls To Base

1:19Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Getty Images

Zimbabwe Party Vote Signals The End Of Robert Mugabe's Rule

0:58The ARA San Juan
Armada Argentina

Nations Join Ranks To Find A Missing Argentine Navy Submarine

1:00Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and French President Emmanuel Macron
Saad Hariri

Lebanon's Absent Prime Minister Saad Hariri Says He'll Return Home

0:54Protesters in Zimbabwe
Voice of America

Zimbabweans Demand President's Resignation: 'Mugabe Must Go'

0:54Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Getty Images

Mugabe Appears In Public As His Party Calls For Him To Step Down

1:06Katy Perry performs with giant sunflower.
Katy Perry

China Just Banned Katy Perry And Gigi Hadid From Entering The Country

1:09The town of Rawa, Iraq
Jayel Aheram / CC BY 2.0

Iraqi Forces Retake One Of ISIS' Last Towns In Iraq

1:11A coal truck and coal
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Canada And The UK Form International Alliance To Fight Against Coal

2:39Sameer Lalwani of the Stimson Center.
Newsy Staff / Kevin Clancy

Could The India-Pakistan Conflict Go Nuclear? An Expert Explains.

0:59Anti-Brexit protesters hold up signs
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There Are Signs Of Russian Meddling In Another Major Vote

1:17Elephant in the National Park, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
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The US Will Allow Imports Of Elephant Trophies From Zimbabwe, Zambia

0:45Military commander giving TV address
The Zimbabwe Herald / Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation

Zimbabwe's President Mugabe Confined To Home After Army Enters Capital

0:54Pope Francis is presented with a special edition Lamborghini.
Automobili Lamborghini

Forget The Popemobile — Pope Francis Just Got A Brand New Lamborghini

1:06People hold a Russian flag
Getty Images

US Mass Media Outlets May Have To Register As Foreign Agents In Russia

1:00Australians celebrate postal vote for same-sex marriage
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7.8M Australians Said 'Yes' To Same-Sex Marriage — What Happens Next?

0:59Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe
Getty Images

Zimbabwe's President Is Reportedly Safe And Confined To His Home

1:06Robert Mugabe
Getty Images

Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Says Army Chief Wants To 'Incite Insurrection'

1:06A woman hold and anti Catalonia independence sign
Getty Images

Spain Thinks Russia Interfered In Catalonia's Referendum

1:18EU PESCO signatories

EU Members Sign Joint Military Plan 'PESCO' As Russia Looms Large

1:23Steam exits from the Niederaussem coal-fired power plant, shown here in November 2017
Getty Images / Lukas Schulze

More Than 15,000 Scientists Have Issued A Warning To Humanity

1:15President Donald Trump.
Getty Images

Trump Appears To Go Easy On Philippine President