Total Solar Eclipse
Featured Series: Total Solar Eclipse
Aug. 21, 2017 will be America's best chance to see a total solar eclipse for the next seven years.
North Korean military cadets perform.

North Korea Threatens US Over Tough New UN Sanctions

North Korea is blaming the U.S. for a new round of sanctions against it.


1:17A Rohingya woman at a displacement camp in Myanmar.
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Myanmar Denies UN's 'Crimes Against Humanity' Allegations

1:11The U.N. Security Council
United Nations

China Supports Tough New UN Sanctions Against North Korea

1:05Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Iran's President Says New US Sanctions Undermine Nuclear Deal

0:45Marine Corps MV-22 Osprey aircraft
U.S. Air Force

US Military Ends Search For 3 Missing Marines After Aircraft 'Mishap'

1:16People on a beach in the U.K.
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Study: Climate Change Could Kill 150,000 Europeans A Year By 2100

1:10Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gives a speech.
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Venezuela's Controversial Constituent Assembly Opens

1:10Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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Police: Investigations Into Israeli Prime Minister Involve Fraud

1:23Brazil's President Michel Temer
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Brazil's Embattled President Michel Temer Likely To Avoid Impeachment

1:56Scientists remove samples from a storage tank at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
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Countries Are Competing To Lure Scientists Away From The US

0:42U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump Says A New Sanctions Bill He Signed Is 'Seriously Flawed'

1:14Venezuelans vote in the country's constituent assembly election.

Venezuela's Voter Turnout Numbers Were Manipulated 'Without Any Doubt'

1:09Prince Philip
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Prince Philip Is Stepping Out Of The Public Spotlight

3:48A youth waves Egyptian flags from a lamp post in Tahrir Square on February 1, 2011 in Cairo, Egypt.
Getty Images / Peter Macdiarmid

What A Flag Can Tell You About Its Country

1:11Sen. Lindsey Graham
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Graham Says Military Action Against North Korea Might Be 'Inevitable'

0:59Women walk in Afghanistan
U.S. Department of Defense

Some Afghan Women Are Demanding To Be Called By Their Names

1:02The Bialowieza Forest in Poland
Frank Vassen / CC BY 2.0.jpg

Poland And The EU Are Facing Off Over A UNESCO-Protected Forest

1:03Main Venezuelan opposition leaders Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma.
A.Davey / CC by 2.0, Wilson Dias / CC by 3.0

2 Main Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Have Been Taken From Their Homes

0:49Migrants walking past security gate in Calais, France
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French Court Orders Government To Provide Humanitarian Aid To Migrants

1:22The Olympics logo at the Sochi Winter Olympics
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Los Angeles Has Struck A Deal To Host The 2028 Summer Olympics

0:53Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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US Sanctions Venezuelan 'Dictator' Nicolás Maduro

1:51President Donald Trump
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Middle East Leaders Seem Excited To Work With Trump

1:28Apple store in Shanghai, China
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Apple Goes Along With China's Latest VPN Crackdown

1:55A Nepali teenage girl writes down her story.
WaterAid / Mani Karmacharya

Photos Changed Minds About Periods In This Nepali Village

0:57Pro-Brexit demonstrators hold Union Jack flags as they protest.
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Free Movement Of People Between The UK And EU Is Ending

1:06Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks to media in New Zealand.
Fiona Goodall

US And Japanese Leaders Commit To Putting More Pressure On North Korea

1:08Voters in Venezuela participate in Sunday's controversial assembly election.

Voter Turnout In Venezuela Assembly Election Causes Even More Conflict

1:02Masked members of Hamas.
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The EU Is Keeping Hamas On Its Terrorist Blacklist For Now

1:30Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
Twitter / @PartidoPSUV

Venezuela's Controversial Vote Is Sunday; Here's What You Should Know

0:39Police in Rio de Janeiro
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10,000 Troops Being Deployed In Rio De Janeiro To Counter Crime Wave

1:15Muslim pilgrims at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
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Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Restricting Access To Muslim Holy Site