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People protest in streets of Nicaragua

Influx Of Nicaraguan Refugees Flee To Costa Rica, UN Urges Support

The UN is calling for nations to support Costa Rica as it helps asylum seekers from Nicaragua.


0:48Zimbabwe election officials at polling location

Tensions In Zimbabwe High As Country Awaits Election Results

0:46Person holds iPhone
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France Bans The Use Of Smart Devices In Schools

0:41Turkish flag
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Turkey Denies American Pastor's Appeal Despite US' Sanctions Threat

0:59A family grieves after a shooting in Juarez, Mexico
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Mexico's Homicide Rate Is The Highest It's Been In Decades

0:53People stuck on mountain in Indonesia after earthquake
Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency

Hundreds Of People Rescued From Volcano In Indonesia After Earthquake

0:46Azharuddin Abdul Rahman
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Malaysia's Civil Aviation Authority Chief Resigns After MH370 Report

1:00North Korean leader Kim Jong-un
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North Korea Reportedly Looks To Be Constructing New Missiles

0:48President Donald Trump
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President Trump Says He's Willing To Meet With Iran Next

1:11A pilot helps search for missing aircraft MH 370 in 2014
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Investigators Still Don't Know Exactly What Happened To MH370

0:42Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson
Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide

Pope Francis Accepts Australian Archbishop Wilson's Resignation

0:38A 100 Rial note
Iranian Central Bank

Iran's Currency Hits Record Low Ahead Of US Reimposing Sanctions

0:44People protesting Russian government proposal to raise retirement age
Communist Party of the Russian Federation

Thousands In Russia Protest Proposal That Would Raise Retirement Age

0:45President Donald Trump (left) and Recep Tayyip Erdogan (right)
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Turkey's President Says Deal To Return U.S. Pastor Never Existed

0:41Taliban militants in Afghanistan
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US Diplomats May Have Held Talks With Taliban Representatives

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UK Lawmakers: Facebook Needs More Regulation, 'Fake News' Tax

1:20A woman in Pakistan holds packs of condoms
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'Global Gag Rule' May Be Harming The Fight Against HIV/AIDS

0:48pro-Morsi protests
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Egyptian Court Sentences 75 Protesters To Death

0:36Cardinal Theodore McCarrick
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Pope Accepts Cardinal's Resignation Following Abuse Allegations

0:34Syrian Democratic Forces soldier
U.S. Department of Defense

Kurdish Group Says Its In Talks With Syria On Country's Future

0:35Woman stands by pile of items ruined by flooding
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Japan Prepares For Typhoon Following Deadly Heatwave, Mudslides

1:28Return ceremony for supposed remains of U.S. veterans
U.S. Department of Defense

So Far, So Good For Trump's North Korea Diplomacy

0:42Julian Assange
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Ecuador, UK Discussing Julian Assange's Eviction From Embassy

0:57Refugees watch from an aid ship as a migrant boat burns in the Mediterranean
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For 5th Straight Year, Migrant Deaths In Mediterranean Passes 1,500

2:47Exterior of the US Capitol building.
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The US Needs Better Nuclear Security. Can Congress Handle It?

0:44President Trump (left) and Vladimir Putin (right)
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President Trump Says He's Open To Visiting Moscow To Meet With Putin

1:08U.S. Army soldiers salute as vehicles carrying probable remains arrive at a military base in South Korea
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North Korea Returns Possible Remains Of 55 US Service Members

1:29Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is welcomed to Bagram Air Field
U.S. Department of Defense

Why The US Is Trying To Talk To The Taliban — Again

1:09Pakistani politician Imran Khan
Pakistan Tehkree-e-Inshaf

Pakistan's Next Leader Could Be On A Collision Course With Trump

0:39A Venezuelan man waits to exchange bolivars
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Venezuela To Knock 5 Zeros Off Its Currency To Help With Inflation

1:05Imran Khan and supporters
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Pakistan Election: Former Cricketer Declares Victory, Others Cry Foul