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Ethiopia's Internet Is Back On After A Week

Ethiopia's internet provider told CNN the internet has been restored and will credit customers for services that were affected during the outage.


1:35Crowds in New York City
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World Population Projected To Reach Nearly 11 Billion People By 2100

1:28U.S. soldiers in Iraq
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What We Know About The Additional US Troops Going To The Middle East

2:18Aftermath of ship bombings
Department of Defense

Central Command Releases 11 New Images Of Oil Tanker Bombings

0:53A TV broadcast of Kim Jong-un and Xi Jinping
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Chinese President Xi Jinping To Make First State Visit To North Korea

2:09Protests in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong’s Protesters Say They Are Losing Trust In Their Government

1:36A darkened restaurant in Buenos Aires
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Nearly 50M People Affected By Massive Power Outage In South America

1:51Workers inside one of Iran's nuclear facilities.
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A Look Back At The Details Of The Iran Nuclear Deal

1:03Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi
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Former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi Dies After Court Session

1:18A view of the reactor building at the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear power plant as the first fuel is loaded.
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Iran Says It Will Soon Exceed Nuclear Deal's Uranium Limit

1:14Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
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Pompeo: US Considering 'Range Of Options' Against Iran

1:32Protesters shine lights from their mobile phones during rally against a controversial extradition law proposal on June 16
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HK Protesters Take To The Streets For Third Day Of Demonstrations

0:54Guatemalan Flag
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Voters in Guatemala Go To Polls In Contentious Presidential Election

0:58U.S. President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi shake hands
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India Increases Tariffs On US Goods After Trump Action On Trade

1:03UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres
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Reuters: UN Secretary General Urges The EU To Raise 2030 Climate Goal

0:52Iranian President Hassan Rouhani
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Iran's President Says It Will Continue Withdrawing From Nuclear Pact

1:01IFRC team members
International Federation of Red Cross

The WHO Says Congo's Ebola Outbreak Is Still Not A Global Emergency

0:57Migrants from Venezuela walk through neighboring Colombia. Migrants have to pass through Colombia on their way to Peru.
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Venezuelan Migrants Rush To Peru Ahead Of Tougher Immigration Law

1:35Protest posters on the wall of a walkway near the Legislative Council
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Hong Kong Indefinitely Suspends Extradition Bill Amid Protests

1:08Line to vote in EU Parliament elections
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EU Says Russians Targeted EU Parliamentary Elections

0:52Bayer building
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Bayer To Invest $5.6B In Researching New Weedkilling Methods

2:22Protests in Khartoum, Sudan
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Sudan Military Officers Arrested In Connection With Protester Deaths

0:41A New Zealand flag is placed next to flowers and tributes
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Suspect In Deadly New Zealand Mosque Attack Pleads Not Guilty

1:05U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks from the State Department briefing room on June 13, 2019 in Washington, DC
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US, Iran Release Conflicting Videos Of Oil Tanker Attacks

2:35Protesters in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong's British Past Shapes Its Tense Present With China

1:10Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in the State Department briefing room
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Pompeo Says Iran Is Responsible For Oil Tanker Attacks

1:25President Donald Trump and Polish President Andrzej Duda
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U.S. To Add 1,000 American Troops In Poland

1:24The Kokuka Courageous.

2 Oil Tankers Reportedly Targeted In An Attack In The Gulf Of Oman

4:05Residents argue with police officers at Tamar Park outside the Central Government Complex on June 13, 2019 in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Protesters Speak Out Against Extradition Legislation

7:54Newsy's Chance Seales with journalist Anna Fifield
Eric Lochstamfor/ Luke Piotrowski/ Newsy

Inside North Korea: From Meth To Elite Millennials And Kim Jong-Un

0:48Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard
Getty Images

Mexico Says It's Begun Sending Troops To Its Southern Border