Woman sits alone

The Great Disengagement: America's "Joiners" Become "Loners"

Younger generations are finding less reason spend time in their local community.


0:48Capitol Hill
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House Votes To Fund Some Government Agencies During Shutdown

0:48President Donald Trump
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Trump Cancels Trip To Davos Over Partial Government Shutdown

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Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Slash Prescription Drug Costs


Up For Debate: Do Millennials Stand A Chance?

1:01The Chrysler Building
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New York's Famed Chrysler Building Is Up For Sale

0:38President Trump
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President Trump Signs Anti-Human Trafficking Legislation

1:37President Donald Trump
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Trump Says 'Bye-Bye' To Negotiations With Democrats

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Appeals Court Says Politicians Can't Block Critics On Social Media

0:50A soybean combine harvester in a field
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USDA Extends Deadline For Farmer Aid Program

1:07Grocery store
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FDA Can't Conduct Most US Food Safety Inspections During The Shutdown

1:21President Donald Trump
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Trump Threatens To Cut FEMA Funding For California Wildfires

1:05California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
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California's New Governor Pledges Millions To Tackle Wildfires

0:53California Gov. Gavin Newsom.
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California's New Governor Pledges Millions To Tackle Wildfires

0:57Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein May Step Down In Coming Weeks

1:01Mario Batali
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NYPD Closes Sexual Assault Investigations Into Chef Mario Batali

1:53President Donald Trump gives Oval Office speech
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Trump And Democratic Leaders Address Nation On US-Mexico Border

1:05A doctor holds a stethoscope
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Study: US Cancer Death Rate Drops For 25th Straight Year

1:20A sign advertises that a store accepts food stamps
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USDA To Fund SNAP Through February Amid Partial Government Shutdown

2:19A couple exchanging vows at a wedding
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Ohio Just Toughened Its Laws On Child Marriage

1:48Gun background check paperwork
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House Democrats Push Forward On Universal Gun Background Checks

0:53A Sears department store sign
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Sears Gives Chairman A Chance To Revise His Takeover Bid

3:40Philip Becnel
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Dream Jobs: Private Investigator

0:48The gas-powered Valley Generating Station is seen in the San Fernando Valley.
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US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Shot Up In 2018 After Years Of Decline

0:56Debris is seen during a storm surge near the Puerto Chico Harbor during the passing of Hurricane Irma.
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Democrats Renew Call For Probe Into Puerto Rico Hurricane Response

1:12Voting booths
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Florida Restores Some Felons' Voting Rights

1:04President Donald Trump
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President Trump To Address Nation Tuesday Over Southern Border

1:21U.S. Embassy in Havana
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Scientists Say Audio Of Cuba 'Health Attacks' Could Be Crickets

2:51Human body made of microorganisms
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The 75 Trillion Microorganisms That Raised You From Birth

1:07Cyntoia Brown in court
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After Serving 15 Years, Cyntoia Brown Is Granted Clemency By Governor

0:55U.S. Department of Justice seal
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DOJ Requests Obamacare Case Delay, Citing Government Shutdown