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Uber Elevate concept drawing

Uber's Flying Taxi Service Faces Many Hurdles, Even With NASA's Help

Uber is teaming up with NASA on part of the project, but the ambitious concept still faces quite a few technological and regulatory obstacles.


1:19Waymo vehicle driving itself

Waymo Is Definitely Winning The Self-Driving Car Race

1:20Apple CEO Tim Cook
Getty Images

Jersey Offshore: Leaked Docs Highlight Apple's Tax Avoidance Maneuvers

1:03Promo for iPhone X Face ID

Apple Is Sharing iPhone X Face Data — And A Lot Of People Are Worried

1:24Person plays game on Razer Phone.

This Smartphone Is A Shrunken-Down Gaming Laptop

0:42Congressional aide sets up Russian ad displays
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Here's What Kind Of Content Russian Interests Paid To Run On Facebook

2:23A post from a Russian-backed page on Facebook

New Details Show How Russia Used Social Media To Divide Americans

2:38Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

For Civil Rights Groups, Facebook's Problems Go Beyond Russia

1:07Small camera that connects to a phone
Shonin Streamcam

A Tiny Camera Wants To Change How You Film Everyday Encounters

1:14Facebook site on a computer screen
Getty Images

126 Million People May Have Seen Russian-Linked Content On Facebook

1:52Apple executive Phil Schiller promotes the iPhone X
Getty Images

The iPhone X Starts At $999 — But Hidden Costs May Be Lurking

1:14Robot Sophia talks to the United Nations about artificial intelligence
United Nations Photos / Manuel Elias

This Country Just Became The First To Give A Robot Citizenship

0:59Twitter Logo

Twitter Doesn't Have As Many Monthly Users As Previously Reported

0:56"Stranger Things" character talks into microphone.
Netflix / "Stranger Things"

Netflix Is Giving 'Stranger Things' Its First Original Aftershow

0:50Cursor hovers over Twitter logo
Getty Images

Twitter Bans Ads From Two Russian Media Outlets

1:08Tesla installs a solar field at Hospital del Niño
Instagram / Elon Musk

Power Companies Helping Puerto Rico Get Praise And Criticism

1:23Reddit's logo in front of a swastika
Getty Images, Reddit

Reddit Banned Nazi Forums In Its Crackdown On Violent Rhetoric

1:59Driver in autonomous self-driving car
Getty Images / Stringer / Alexander Koerner

Autonomous Tech Is Popular In Cars, But Do People Know How To Use It?

0:59A person delivers an Amazon package inside a home

Amazon Wants To Enter Your Home When You're Not There

1:00Screenshot of Bad Rabbit ransomware.
Kaspersky Lab

The 'Bad Rabbit' Cyberattack Hit Almost 200 Targets In Eastern Europe

0:57New design for political ads on Twitter

Twitter Is Changing Up The Look Of Political Ads On Its Site

1:11winner of a science competition
Andy King / Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge

11-Year-Old Is The Latest Innovator In The Fight Against Lead In Water

0:54A commuter in New York City uses a MetroCard.
Getty Images

New York City Wants Its Subways And Buses To Be More 21st Century

0:55Nuclear plant in California
Getty Images

US Warns Of Advanced And Persistent Cyberthreats Against Utilities

0:56Aerial view shows hurricane damage in Puerto Rico
U.S. Air Force

Giant Balloons Are Delivering Cell Service To Puerto Rico

1:22Person holding cellphone with both hands in lap
StockSnap / CC0

Digital Mental Health Therapy Is Improving, But It's Still Not Perfect

0:54Sen. Amy Klobuchar (left) Sen. Mark Warner (middle) Sen. John McCain (right)
Getty Images

A Proposed Bill Would Change How Political Ads Are Regulated Online

1:01Screenshot from Twitter video about reporting abuse.

Twitter Just Laid Out Its Schedule To Tackle Online Abuse

1:27Amazon Go grocery store in Seattle, Washington
Getty Images

Some Cities Are Going To Extraordinary Lengths For Amazon HQ2

1:03Screenshot from Blue Apron promotional video
Blue Apron

Blue Apron Lays Off 6 Percent Of Employees After A Rough Quarter

1:14Stones from the game Go sit on the playing board

Computers No Longer Need Human Input To Beat Us At Our Own Games