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Facebook Will Create A New Advertiser Portal To Fight Discrimination

As part of a settlement, the company said it's creating a separate portal for housing, employment and credit ads.


1:27Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern meets with Muslim community leaders
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New Zealand PM Wants Social Platforms To Crack Down On Hateful Content

2:27Facetuned photo

The Big Business of Photo Filters

0:59Google's headquarters
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Google Denies Accusations It's Working For China's Military

0:59A shopper tries out the Apple iPhone 6
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Apple To Pay $31 Million For Using Patented Microchips

1:33Apple logo
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Apple Responds To Spotify's Complaint About Its App Store Policies

3:06Police investigate New Zealand property.
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The Violence Of The New Zealand Mosque Shooting Is Amplified Online

1:40A flight data recorder retrieved from Continental Connection Flight 3407 is shown at NTSB headquarters
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Why Don't Airplane Recording Devices Stream Data?

1:08Graphic depicting intimate photo

Facebook Announces New Tools To Combat 'Revenge Porn'

0:59Huawei logo
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Huawei Pleads Not Guilty To Violating U.S. Sanctions On Iran

2:00Boeing's 737 MAX

What's Boeing Doing To Solve Its 737 MAX Problem?

2:22Person watches Netflix in bed

Netflix Or Chill? Your Answer Will Determine How Well You Sleep.

1:11Social networking site Facebook is displayed on a laptop screen
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Facebook Faces Criminal Investigation Over Data Privacy

6:15Andy Parker

Father Says YouTube Is Fueling Conspiracy Theories On Daughter's Death

2:35Boeing 737 MAX 8

'Almost Criminally Insufficient': The 737 MAX Already Concerned Pilots

1:29Two flight recording devices sit on a table at the National Transportation Safety Board's laboratory in Washington, DC
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What Exactly Are "Black Boxes?"

3:07A LEAP engine is pictured on the first Boeing 737 MAX airliner is pictured at the company's manufacturing plant, on December
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Could This Feature Of The Boeing 737 MAX Be Linked To 2 Plane Crashes?

0:53Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel
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Data Breach In Michigan May Have Exposed Personal, Medical Information

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Congress May Soon Unveil Major Data Privacy Legislation

1:13MMR vaccine
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Facebook Is Taking Steps To Combat Vaccine Misinformation

2:45Biochips in a pile
Three Square Media

Are We Entering The Age Of The Biochip?

1:55Mark Zuckerberg
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Facebook CEO Announces A New Vision For The Social Media Company

1:31A demonstrator protests the Federal Communications Commission outside a Verizon store in Chicago, Illinois
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With New Democratic Backing, What's Next In Fight For Net Neutrality?

1:24Person on laptop
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Marriott, Equifax CEOs To Testify Before Senate On Data Breaches

1:14Network cables
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Democrats Introduce Bill That Would Reinstate Net Neutrality Laws

2:58"Captain Marvel" film poster.
Walt Disney Studios

Trolls Want You To Think 'Captain Marvel' Is Marvel's Worst Film

1:00Huawei logo
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Huawei CFO Sues Canada Over Her Arrest

1:31Huawei logo
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Canada Allows US Extradition Process Of Huawei CFO To Begin

1:06Person holding iPhone
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Lawmakers Are Getting The Ball Rolling On A National Privacy Law

1:16Tesla CEO Elon Musk
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SEC Asks Judge To Hold Musk In Contempt Of Court Over Misleading Tweet

1:13Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
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WSJ: Several Apps Are Sharing Sensitive Data with Facebook