The Securities and Exchange Commission building

Securities And Exchange Commission Finally Discloses 1-Year-Old Hack

The SEC's filing database was breached, and the hackers apparently used the information to make illegal trades.


1:15Mark Zuckerberg at Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Facebook / Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg Announces Facebook's Plans To Combat Election Interference

1:32Avril Lavigne advertises "Slim Secrets" snacks.
Facebook / Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne Is 2017's 'Most Dangerous Celebrity'

1:07A promotional image from "Will & Grace"
NBC / "Will & Grace"

Clear Your Schedule: 'Will & Grace' Is Now On Hulu

1:01Firefox blocks fake Equifox site

Equifax Fell For A Clone Of Its Website — And Then Sent Users To It

0:53Gameplay from EA Sports' "NBA Live 18."
EA Sports

WNBA Finally Gets Its Due In A New Video Game

1:06Tesla sign on a building
Getty Images

Tesla Might Have Competition For Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicles

1:18Apple releases iOS 11.

Apple Just Dropped iOS 11 — But Is It Worth Upgrading Now?

0:50Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Getty Images

Special Counsel Mueller Is Investigating Facebook Ads Linked To Russia

1:43Siri on iPhone 4S.
Getty Images

Apple Is Hiring Counselors To Improve Siri's Mental Health Support

1:36Facebook's logo is displayed.
Getty Images

Facebook Pulls Ads Targeting People Who Searched Anti-Semitic Terms

1:25Google intern bikes by headquarters.

Google Was Just Hit With Another Gender Discrimination Complaint

1:14Image from an Equifax commercial

Equifax Was Warned To Fix System Flaws Months Ago

1:28Apple unveils Face ID.

Sen. Al Franken Has A Couple Concerns About Apple's New Face ID

0:58Department of Homeland Security vehicle
Getty Images

The US Government Is Getting Rid Of Moscow-Based Kaspersky Products

1:23President Donald Trump.
Getty Images

Why Trump Deemed A Business Deal A National Security Concern

0:56Facebook logo
Getty Images

Facebook Is Hitting Fake News Where It Hurts: The Wallet

1:45'Bodega' startup debuts with heavy criticism.

People Are Mad About This 'Bodega' Startup — Here's Why

0:59The Tesla vehicle involved in the 2016 crash.

Tesla Found Partly To Blame For 2016 Autopilot Crash

1:16Equifax logo

Public Outrage Over Equifax Could Hurt This GOP Bill

1:41iPhone X to come with A11 chip

Is The iPhone X Really 'The Future Of The Smartphone'?

0:53A Commodore64 console
Getty Images

A Computer Rebuilt 'Super Mario' From Video Of Someone Playing It

1:04Tesla Model S
Getty Images

Tesla Offers Free Battery Upgrades For Owners Caught In Irma's Path

1:15Kaspersky Lab software and logo on laptop screen
Kaspersky Lab

Best Buy Cuts Ties With Moscow-Based Kaspersky Lab

1:33Screenshot of login screen.
Albaniaman / CC by 3.0

Democrats' Biggest Cybersecurity Upgrade Is Their New Tech Chief

1:08A judge's gavel
Getty Images

Equifax Fine Print Could Keep Data Breach Victims From Suing

1:15A rider uses the Uber app.
Getty Images

The FBI Is Investigating Uber's 'Hell' Program For Tracking Lyft

1:40Photo of George Orwell
Branch of the National Union of Journalists

Not Quite 'FarmVille': An Orwellian Dystopia Is Becoming A Video Game

0:56A credit card
Getty Images

Massive Data Breach At Equifax Leaves 143M At Risk

1:40NOAA's Gulfstream IV-SP flying into a hurricane

These Planes Fly Into Hurricanes To Study Them

1:14President Trump and Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign.
Getty Images

Facebook Ties $100,000 Of Sketchy Political Ad Buys To Russia