Tech Tips

Person uses a smart phone.

How To Avoid Online Scams This Holiday Season

Experts say online scams around the holidays are growing because of Americans' increased reliance on e-commerce for shopping.

 | By Tyler Adkisson

Person holds an iPhone with the app home screen open.

How To Snoop Around In Your Phone If You Think Someone Has Used It

If you suspect others have been accessing your cellphone, you can take a few easy steps to learn what they were up to on your device.

 | By Tricia Goss

Twitter logo on a smartphone

How To Download Your Twitter Archive And Save Your Tweets

If you're considering leaving Twitter or you're worried about the platform shutting down, this is how you can save your tweets and other account data.

 | By Tricia Goss

Netflix shows appear on TV, laptop, mobile screens.

You Can Finally Kick Someone Off Your Netflix—Here's How

Netflix's latest tool is designed to make it easier to log out when you're traveling—but it also makes it easy too boot someone off your account.

 | By Tricia Goss

Person watching Netflix on tablet.

How To Transfer Netflix Profiles Before Free Account Sharing Ends

Netflix confirmed that it will begin charging fees for account sharing next year. Here's what to do if you're currently sharing a log-in.

 | By Tricia Goss

Google browser.

How To Remove Your Personal Information From Google Searches

You can now remove things like your address, phone number and signature from Google. Here’s a step-by-step guide to protect your personal information.

 | By Tricia Goss

Student works on an iPad.

WTMJ: Tips To Help Your Kids Limit Screen Time

One expert recommends creating a family media plan that everyone has to follow.

 | By WTMJ