Total Solar Eclipse
Featured Series: Total Solar Eclipse
Aug. 21, 2017 will be America's best chance to see a total solar eclipse for the next seven years.
KKK members protest in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Internet Companies Are Teaming Up To Block White Nationalists

After the Charlottesville rally, major online companies like Google are barring white nationalist groups and figures from using their platforms.

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1:06Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton speaking
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Phoenix's Mayor Wants President Trump To Delay A Rally In The City

1:32Bathroom sign
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Controversial Texas 'Bathroom Bill' Is Dead — Again

1:28Heather Heyer's informal memorial.
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Calls For Action Amid Tragedy At Va. Victim Heather Heyer's Memorial

1:21President Donald Trump speaking
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White House: Trump Was Right To Blame 'Both Sides' For Charlottesville

1:01Roger B. Taney Monument in Maryland
Bestbudbrian / cc by 4.0

Baltimore's Confederate Monuments Were Torn Down Overnight

1:29President Trump's Feb. 23 manufacturing listening session.
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Trump Goes After Former Members Of His Advisory Council

1:40Crowds clash in Virginia.
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Trump On Charlottesville: 'What About The Alt-Left?'

1:51A far-right protester
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The Many Symbols Of The Modern White Power Movement

1:15Adolf Hitler and members of the Nazi party
German Federal Archives

What A 1940s Government Film Said About Fascism Is Relevant In 2017

1:12Texas State Capitol Building
Daniel Mayer / CC BY SA 3.0

Texas Advanced A Bill To Change How Insurance Covers Abortions

1:28White nationalists and counterprotesters fight in Charlottesville, Virginia.
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Virginia Declares Emergency Over Violence At White Nationalist Rally

1:02President Donald Trump
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A New Lawsuit Takes Aim At Trump's Transgender Tweets

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Google Memo Gets Author Fired And Sparks Tech Diversity Talks

2:56Vintage Kool cigarette ad
Imperial Tobacco Company

Menthol Cigarettes' Hidden Link To Black Americans

U.S. Border Patrol agents carry out special operations near the U.S.-Mexico border fence.
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The Case For Merit-Based Immigration Reform

A mother and 3-year-old child from El Salvador await transport to a processing center for undocumented immigrants.
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Making Sure Toddlers Don't Represent Themselves In Immigration Court

2:01Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel
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Chicago Is Suing Jeff Sessions Over His Sanctuary City Crackdown

2:26Deported veteran Alex Gomez stands by border to the United States.
Deported Veterans Support House

These Politicians Want To Stop The Deportation Of Veterans

1:07Hollywood sign
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One Network Wants To Fix Hollywood's Lack Of Female Directors

1:29"NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century" movie
More Art, Andrea Mastrovito

Artist Uses Dracula To Make A Point About The NYC Immigrant Experience

1:23A woman CEO walks into a meeting
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Here's What Americans Think About Gender Inequality In Business

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The DOJ Might Be Targeting Affirmative Action In College Admissions

1:06A close-up of an individual's hand while they smoke a cigarette
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Cigarette Tax Increases Can Lead To More Households Using Food Stamps

1:00U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft speaking
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Head Of Coast Guard 'Will Not Break Faith' With Transgender Personnel

2:05A forensic nurse organizes blood samples.
International Association of Forensic Nurses

This Bill Could Change The Way Hospitals Handle Sexual Assault

1:20A child who was born intersex walks with her parents
Human Rights Watch

Groups Want To End Sex-Assignment Surgeries For Those Born Intersex

2:15Vanessa Sheridan is a transgender veteran fighting for trans rights.
Newsy / Alisa Martinez

Transgender Veteran Combats Workplace Discrimination

0:41Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Corp Gen. Joseph Dunford speaking
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Top US Military Official Says Transgender Policy Hasn't Changed

1:10President Donald Trump
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Lawmakers React To Trump Saying Transgender People Can't Serve

1:07Attorney General Jeff Sessions
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DOJ Claims LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination Isn't Illegal