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Survey Shows Most Americans' Views On Abortion Aren't All-Or-Nothing

Newsy commissioned a survey to get a more complete picture of people's views on abortion.

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0:53United Nations sign
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UN Says US Needs To Make Safe Abortions Available For Women

0:58President Donald Trump
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President Trump Says He Supports Abortion In Cases Of Rape, Incest

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Maine To Ban Native American Mascots In Public Schools, Colleges

3:57Jerome Davis holds the keys to his car that was impounded by the city of Chicago
Newsy / Andrew Schafer

Innocent Owners Fight To Get Their Seized Property Back

2:00Abortion supporter on steps of the Supreme Court
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Supreme Court Could Rule On Abortion Issues Without Alabama Law

1:46Lawyer for Officer Daniel Pantaleo enter One Police Plaza before his trial on May 13, 2019 in New York City.
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Officer Involved in Eric Garner's Death Faces Disciplinary Hearing

1:33An former convict registers to vote in Florida
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Florida Legislators Pass Bill That Prevents Some Ex-Felons From Voting

1:17A pregnant woman getting an ultrasound.

Kansas Supreme Court Guarantees A Woman's Right To Get An Abortion

3:26Executive Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Desmond Meade
Florida Rights Restoration Coalition

Florida Ex-Felons Fight Bill That Restrict Their Right To Vote

1:30Supreme Court building
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Supreme Court Takes Up LGBTQ Job Discrimination Cases

5:36Adoptive parents
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

What It's Like For A Mother With A Disability To Adopt A Child

6:27Ultrasound photos
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One Mom-To-Be's Journey Through Pregnancy With A Disability

5:07Disability rights activist at an event
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

This Group Is Taking On Sexual Violence In The Disability Community

Newsy / Andrew Shafer

Sex, Love And Dating With A Disability

1:12U.S. troops run toward a helicopter
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Trump Administration's Transgender Military Policy Takes Effect

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Affordable Housing For Low Income Rural Americans At A Tipping Point

2:37Protesters outside Brunei-owned Beverly Hills Hotel

The Brunei Hotel Boycott Highlights The Struggles Of LGBTQ Travelers

1:50Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

An ICE Detainer Doesn't Hold The Same Weight As A Warrant

5:00Arab mother and child targeted by sniper.
Warner Bros. / "American Sniper"

The Military Entertainment Complex Misrepresents Arabs And Muslims

4:39Neo-Nazis protest outside Skokie Holocaust museum dedication.
Getty Images / Scott Olson

White Supremacy Is A Global Issue That Needs A Global Response

1:18Soldier salutes during national anthem
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Military's Transgender Policy Likely To Go Into Effect As Planned

5:01A protest for slavery reparations in New York City
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Many 2020 Dems Say They Back Reparations — But What Does It Mean?

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Judge Says Injunction On Military's Transgender Policy Still In Place

1:08Graphic depicting intimate photo

Facebook Announces New Tools To Combat 'Revenge Porn'

0:50A soldier salutes.
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Pentagon Approves Policy Restricting Transgender Service Members

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LGBTQ Advocates Hopeful But Cautious Over Trump's HIV Plan

1:05LGBT bracelets
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State Employees Sue North Carolina Over Transgender Discrimination

24:02A U.S. flag near the US-Mexico border fence
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The Many Faces Of Immigration In America

0:46US Women's Soccer Team
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US Women's Soccer Team Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit


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