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Ohio Attorney General: Drugmaker's Plan Is 'Too Little, Too Late'

Ohio's attorney general says Purdue Pharma's plan to cut down on opioid marketing should've been done "years ago."


0:32The International Space Station

Report: NASA Is Planning To Privatize International Space Station

0:38OxyContin pills
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Opioid Maker Says It Won't Market In Doctors' Offices Anymore

0:35Sen. John McCain
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Jeff Flake Says John McCain Is 'Gaining Strength'

2:12Newsy and Intelligence Squared U.S. present "Up for Debate."

Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?

1:19A man prepares a heroin for injection
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New Budget Deal Includes Billions In Funding To Fight Opioid Crisis

2:54Burgers on display at the New York City Wine & Food Festival
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Your Meat Isn't Fake, It's Designer: A Newer, Cooler Era Of Meatless

1:34SpaceX's Dragon capsule entering Mars' atmosphere

After Falcon Heavy, What's Next For SpaceX?

0:45Asparagus wait to be used in a dish
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A Change Of Diet Could Slow The Spread Of A Deadly Breast Cancer

:52Man sleeps on New York City subway
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Why Officials Are Pushing For Sleep Apnea Testing For Train Engineers

:39Train crashed into station at Hoboken, New Jersey
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Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea Is To Blame For 2 Train Crashes In NY Area

1:08SpaceX's Falcon Heavy lifting off amid a dust cloud
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SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Was Impressive Despite Years Of Delays

2:08A lab rat in a cage
Newsy Staff

A Shutdown Can Stall All Federal Science — Starting With Lab Rats

:47Artist representation of Trappist-1 system
European Southern Observatory

Nearby Exoplanets Appear To Be Pretty Rich In Water

1:55A woman stands under a sunshade in a deforested area of the Amazon
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Can Everyone On Earth Live Well Without Wrecking The Planet?

:37The International Space Station

Cosmonauts Put Antenna On Wrong During Record-Setting Space Walk

1:06Former Russian cosmonaut Alexander Skvortsov completes maintainance on the International Space Station

Russian Cosmonauts Will Take Tourists On Spacewalks For A Modest $100M

:43A wife looks on over her husband's sick bed in a local hospital.
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India's Government Plans To Give Millions Of People Free Health Care

0:40Theewaterskloof Dam
City of Cape Town

Cape Town Further Restricts Water Usage As Supply Runs Low

1:02Person pouring coffee
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A California Lawsuit Wants Coffee Shops To Warn About Cancer

0:57A polar bear rests on a floating chunk of ice
Brian Battaile, United States Geological Service

Polar Bears Are Swimming Themselves To Death As Sea Ice Melts

1:14The Olympic rings in South Korea
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The Winter Olympics Have Been Slowly Melting

0:56An elderly woman participates in a memory game activity
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A New Device May Slow The Debilitating Effects Of Alzheimer's

:37Bill Gates with his dad, Bill Gates Sr.
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Bill Gates Reveals His Father Has Alzheimer's

:47An astronaut on the International Space Station
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Astronauts Could One Day Eat Their Own Poop In Space ... Kind Of

:53A doctor reads a blood pressure gauge.
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3 Major Companies Team Up To Improve Employee Health Care

Red-billed oxpecker and a white rhino
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Birds And Mammals Might Have The Best Shot At Surviving Climate Change

:54Teacher Christa McAuliffe

She Died In The Challenger Disaster. Now, NASA Will Finish Her Mission

:48Paris Police Prefecture video of city flooding
Paris Police Prefecture

Paris Is Partly Underwater, And It'll Likely Stay That Way For A While

0:43A bridge
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Trump's Infrastructure Plan Will Reportedly Cut Environmental Rules

0:48Exhaust rising from smoke stacks
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EPA Ending A Clean Air Policy That Helps Control Toxic Air Pollution