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Kīlauea's summit in Hawaii on August 2, 2018

Hawaii Volcano Has Slowed, But The Island Isn't In The Clear Yet

More than three months after the Kilauea volcano started erupting, lava flow has finally slowed down.


1:16An illustration of membrane-bound vesicles containing clusters of viruses

Newly Discovered 'Virus Clusters' May Be Why Norovirus Is So Severe

0:38Baby with microcephaly, a defect linked to Zika
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1 In 7 Babies Born To Women Exposed To Zika Had A Birth Defect

1:48A firefighter in California
Getty Images / David McNew

As Heat Waves Worsen, So Will All The Other Trouble They Cause

1:00Mammogram image from breast cancer screening
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Genetic Testing Could Reveal Risks For A Deadly Form Of Breast Cancer

1:16Person using e-cigarette
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Study Finds Teens Who Vape Are More Likely To Use Marijuana Later

0:43Ebola virus
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Congo Faces A New Outbreak Of Ebola

2:26Woman covers her face
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An Internal Emotion, Shame Has Consequences For Our External World

1:13Doctor checks patient using stethoscope
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New Medicare Rule Opens Up Gene Therapy Access For Recipients

1:41A firefighter attacks wildfire flames near a home.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The More We Expand Into Wild Spaces, The Worse Wildfires Can Get

0:41A Puerto Rico resident looks at damage caused by Hurricane Maria
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Hurricane Maria Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than Government's Count

1:35A budtender picks up part of a marijuana plant at a dispensary in California
Getty Images / David McNew

Some States Want Legal Marijuana To Help With The Opioid Crisis

3:03A person vapes
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Daily Dose: How To Spot A Red Flag In Vape Studies

1:34Smoke from a wildfire
Wildfire on the Lowry Wetlands/ CC by 2.0

How Smoke From Wildfires Affects Your Health

1:32Cars on a highway in Los Angeles
Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian

Rolling Back California Air Quality Rules Could Affect 12 Other States

1:09Cars on a highway
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Trump Administration May Freeze Fuel Efficiency Standards

4:04Simone Gabriel, who is four months pregnant, lies on a bed as uses an ultrasound machine to take image of her baby.
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Experts Warn of Growing Dangers to Expectant U.S. Mothers

1:18Steam and exhaust pollution rises from a power plant
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Researchers Say Heat Waves Will Cause More Deaths In The Near Future

2:21Rover on Mars
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The Modern Space Race To Prepare For War Beyond Earth

2:46A man lights a cigarette.
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The Rise And Fall Of Big Tobacco

1:00Doctor holds vial of blood from patient's blood test
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A Blood Test Could Help Diagnose Depression In The Future

7:58OxyContin pills are poured from a bottle
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Should Opioid Makers Be Treated Like Big Tobacco?

1:11A Los Angeles city firefighter walks through a field burned by the Carr Fire
Getty Images / Justin Sullivan

A Warming Climate Also Means A Longer Wildfire Season

1:18An infant in a blanket
Harald Groven/ CC by 2.0

Breastfeeding And Alcohol Could Reduce Kids' Cognitive Ability

0:39NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

NASA's TESS Spacecraft Begins Hunting Exoplanets

1:5155 cases of remains of fallen U.S. soldiers in North Korea
US Army/Sergeant Quince Lanford

The Difficult, Delicate Work Of Identifying Fallen Korean War Soldiers

1:26The Curiosity mission approaches Mars

For Future Astronauts, It's A Good Thing Mars Gets This Close

2:15Brain exhibit
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Is The Herpes Virus A Key To Curing Alzheimer's Disease?

3:41A timer

NYC Group Allows Drug Users To Safely Inject In Bathrooms

0:42Walt Disney World Resort
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Disney Plans To Eliminate Plastic Straws At Locations Worldwide

1:42A coral reef
NOAA CCMA Biogeography Branch

Human Influence Has Reached Almost Every Remote Corner Of The Ocean