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David Goodall

104-Year-Old Assisted-Dying Advocate Ends Life In Swiss Clinic

David Goodall said loss of independence and mobility contributed to his decision to end his life.



Up For Debate: Is Big Pharma To Blame For High Health Care Costs?

0:36Lava on the road near the Kilauea volcano
U.S. Geological Survey

Hawaii Governor Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration For Volcano

0:47People watch a rocket launch
Getty Images

SpaceX To Launch Final Version Of Its Falcon 9 Rocket

0:38New homes
California Energy Commission

California Is On Track To Require Solar Panels On New Homes

0:49EpiPen Auto-Injectors
Getty Images

The FDA Says There's An EpiPen Shortage

0:55Ebola virus
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Officials Declare New Ebola Outbreak In Central Africa

1:50A McDonald's menu displays the caloric intake of meals
Getty Images / Chris Hondros

Can A New Rule Requiring Menu Calorie Counts Help Fight Obesity?

0:43Air pollution and fog in China
Getty Images

As Tourism Brings In More Green, It's Not So Green For The Environment

0:33Lava flows on Hawaii's Big Island
U.S. Geological Survey

Lava Flows Destroy 35 Structures, Displace 1,700 In Hawaii

1:10An ash plume rises from a crater
United States Geological Service

Hawaiian Volcano Eruption Releases Toxic 'Vog' Into The Air

1:02Nutritional information on food
Getty Images

More Restaurants Will Have To Show Calorie Information

0:57Lava flow blocks a street on Hawaii's big island
U.S. Geological Survey

Officials: Hawaiians Can Go Home, Briefly, Amid Air Quality Warnings

0:44Plume of ash above volcanic crater
U.S. Geological Survey

Hundreds Of Earthquakes Hit Hawaii's Big Island After Volcano Eruption

0:47Artist concept of InSight lander

NASA's New Explorer Is On Its Way To Mars To Study Marsquakes

1:16Drug user fills syringe
Getty Images

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Pushes For Safe-Injection Sites

1:14Cargo is loaded onto a Malaysia Airlines plane
Getty Images

The Search For MH370 Dug Up Two Unlikely Discoveries

1:30A research assistant prepares for an electroencephalogram experiment
Getty Images / Oli Scarff

Some Businesses Use Brain Wave Detectors To Monitor Employees

0:57Kilauea volcano on Hawaii's Big Island
U.S. Geological Survey

Residents Forced To Evacuate After Hawaiian Volcano Erupts

Getty Images

How The Droids Of 'Star Wars' Could Inspire Artificial Intelligence

0:48A drawing of a hydrogen-powered Anheuser-Busch truck

One Brewer Wants A Greener Way To Ship Beer

0:45Raw oysters
Getty Images

Health Officials Warn Of Norovirus Outbreak Linked To Canadian Oysters

0:45Kilauea summit lava lake
U.S. Geological Survey

Scientists Warn Hawaiian Volcano Could Be Close To Eruption

2:25New York man
Getty Images

Someone Dies By Suicide Every 12 Minutes, And US Rates Are Rising

3:33A cute dog
Newsy / Megan Smith

Dream Jobs: Doggy Daycare

1:45Stephen Hawking in front of a projection of Earth
Getty Images

What Stephen Hawking's Last Theory Has To Say About The Universe

1:46Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica
James Yungel, NASA IceBridge

A Huge International Mission Investigates Glaciers' Melting Problem

0:53Air pollution in Dehli, India
Getty Images

Indian Officials Upset By Lack Of Progress In Fighting Air Pollution

5:12CIMAvax Vaccine

Excitement, Concern Surround Cancer Vaccine

1:39Used plastic bottles sit in a pile at a recycling facility in China
Getty Images / China Photos

China's Refusal To Take In US Trash Is Creating A Garbage Problem

0:52Fish pass over a coral reef at Hanauma Bay in Honolulu, Hawaii
Getty Images

Hawaii May Be First State To Ban Sunscreen Harmful To Ocean Ecosystems