An illustration showing Crew Dragon docking with the International Space Station

What's Next For Commercial Spaceflight After The Crew Dragon Launch?

SpaceX has at least one more mission and a good chunk of data to analyze before its capsules are ready for NASA astronauts.


1:14Person vaping
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White House 2020 Budget Proposes New E-Cigarette User Fee

0:55A doctor administers an H1N1 swine flu vaccination.
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WHO Has A Plan To Deal With The Next Flu Pandemic

1:13SpaceX's Crew Dragon Capsule is retrieved from the Atlantic Ocean

SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule Successfully Returns To Earth

1:35A young child cries as she is immunized with a measles shot.
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Philippine Measles Deaths Top Last Year – And 2.6M Kids Are At Risk

1:13MMR vaccine
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Facebook Is Taking Steps To Combat Vaccine Misinformation

1:32Arctic gray wolf on a leash
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US May Lift Endangered Species Protections For Gray Wolves

2:55Sabrina teenage witch reboot
Diyah Pera/Netflix

The Neuroscience Of Addictive Television

2:11Spravato, a newly FDA approved drug for treatment-resistant depression.
Janssen / Johnson and Johnson

How A Ketamine-Like Drug Could Help Millions With Depression

1:09Spravato nasal spray
Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

FDA Approves First New Type Of Antidepressant In Decades

2:49A flu vaccine.
Joe Raedle

How Doctors Think The US Could Improve Vaccination

2:24HIV positive samples
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How Did Scientists Appear To Eliminate HIV In A Second Patient?

1:44Gov. Jay Inslee announces his presidential campaign at A & R Solar in Seattle, Washington
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Why Gov. Jay Inslee Is Going All-In On Climate For Presidential Run

1:07Walgreens store front
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FDA Says 15 Big Retailers Are Selling Tobacco Products To Minors

1:12A person holds an insulin pen
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Eli Lilly To Offer Generic Insulin At Half The Price Of Name Brand

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OxyContin Maker Reportedly Looking Into Filing For Bankruptcy

1:18A doctor injects a vaccine against measles into a patient
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UNICEF: Measles Cases Are Increasing Rapidly Worldwide

1:28A waning crescent moon rises above the Wasatch Mountains by Salt Lake City, UT
NASA / Bill Dunford

Don't Have The Money To Fly Spacecraft To The Moon? Borrow Gravity


You Can't "Recover" Lost Sleep On Weekends, New Study Says

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The Government Wants Your Help In Detecting Illegal Opioid Shipments

1:23Doctor performs an ultrasound

Missouri Bill Would Ban Most Abortions If Roe V. Wade Were Overturned

6:50A woman watches as police look for evidence
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'The Day Ahead' On Living With Gun Violence In Black Communities

2:58Man applies sunscreen
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Sunscreen Protects Skin, But Does It Also Cost Lives?

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FDA Wants More Research On Opioids' Effectiveness For Chronic Pain

4:22Steve Rice survived a heart attack at age 32.
Steven Rice

Meet The 32 Year Old Man Who Was Conscious Through His Heart Surgery

1:47The Colorado River in the Grand Canyon
Alex Demas, U.S. Geological Survey

How Old Is The Grand Canyon?

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Senate Panel Questions Pharma Execs On Rising Prescription Drug Costs

1:38The Colorado River cuts through the Grand Canyon in Arizona
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Not Even Federally-Protected Lands Are Safe From Resource Development

1:08Roundup herbicide
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Another Jury To Determine Whether Bayer's Weed Killer Causes Cancer

2:17Medical community in Sudan protesting
Sudan Doctors Committee

Doctors In Sudan Are Key To The Current Protests

1:08Cars on highway in California
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Trump Administration Ends Talks With California Over Fuel Standards