Flint, Michigan, water tower

Flint's Lead Water May Have Caused A Spike In Fetal Deaths

A study found a 58 percent increase in fetal death rates after the city switched its water source in 2014.


1:48A closeup of a house spider from England
Nic McPhee / CC BY-SA 2.0

Do Sleeping Humans Really Swallow 8 Spiders A Year?

1:16Smokestacks in China
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How To Keep Countries Honest About Their Carbon Emissions

1:20Hernandez sitting in court
Gety Images

Aaron Hernandez Had CTE, And His Family Is Taking Action

1:28Fireman watches wildfire
National Wildfire Coordinating Group

As Wildfires Get Worse, USDA Says Firefighters Need More Funding

0:55Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega
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One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts Just Agreed To Sign

1:04An Anthony's poison arrow frog sitting on a leaf
Rebecca Tarvin

How Do Poisonous And Venomous Animals Resist Their Own Toxins?

1:21A man cleans up items around his damaged home in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma
Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Florida Is Turning Hurricane Irma Wreckage Into Power For Its Grids

1:04Mexico earthquake damage
Government of Mexico

Rescue Operations Continue After Mexico's Deadly 7.1 Magnitude Quake

1:38A man uses an e-cigarette
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Is E-Cigarette Use Actually A Gateway To Tobacco Addiction?

1:40Pop Warner football players
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New Study Links Youth Football To Cognitive Problems Later In Life

1:21A road near Naples covered in various debris
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

This Hurricane Season Is As Unusual As The Huge Storms Themselves

1:52Bears Ears National Monument in Utah
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10 National Monuments Could Be Losing Certain Important Protections

1:03Members of the research team that simulated eight months of isolation on Mars.
University of Hawaii

Could You Handle 8 Months In Isolation To Help Astronauts Get To Mars?

1:10A Chinese woman wears a mask to protect against pollution.
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China's Air Pollution Might Be Causing Its Residents To Die Early

4:43DEA forensic chemist holding drug carfentanil
Newsy staff

Getting A Fix: Tackling New Synthetic Drugs

1:19A NASA satellite orbiting Earth

The Future Of Malaria Prevention May Be Satellites We Already Have

1:43Siri on iPhone 4S.
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Apple Is Hiring Counselors To Improve Siri's Mental Health Support

1:27Animation of a grid of satellites
Quadra Pi R2E / Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Tiny Satellites Will Give Wildfire-Fighting A Big Boost

0:50NASA's Cassini spacecraft

Cassini's 13 Years Exploring Saturn Just Came To An End

1:00Two snow leopards
Tambako The Jaguar / CC BY ND 2.0

Snow Leopards Aren't Endangered Anymore, But They're Still Vulnerable

5:05Katie Parkins holds a My Teal Ticket.
Elizabeth Bensinger

Teen's Invention Aims To Help Those With Food Allergies Safely Eat Out

1:26Woman walks next to broken cross-walk sign
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In The US, Minorities Are Exposed To More Air Pollution

1:15Cassini takes a photo of Saturn as it passes in front of our own sun
NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Cassini Wasn't Only Great At Science; It Was Also Great At Photos

2:04Bulldozer in front of sand mine
James Baker / CC By 2.0

Sand Wars: Illegal Mining Is Making One Natural Resource A Lot Rarer

0:47Chef Daniel Rose opens a bottle of champagne with a meat cleaver
Getty Images / Neilson Barnard

The Science Of Champagne's 'Pop' Also Can Give Its Vapor An Odd Color

1:40Earth from space

If Aliens Exist, How Would They Find Earth?

0:43Emmanuel Macron visits St. Martin
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France Vows To Help Caribbean Islands After Hurricane Irma

1:48People walk through flooded streets in Naples, FL after Hurricane Irma hit.
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

How Can Cities Protect Against Hurricanes?

1:07The Cassini spacecraft and Titan.
NASA / JPL-Caltech

Cassini Spacecraft Gets A 'Goodbye Kiss' Before It Meets Its End