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An elephant with a calf

Elephants Have Special Genes That Keep Them From Getting Cancer

In elephants, an old set of extra genes is still intact. They kill off cells with damaged DNA, which makes elephants practically immune to cancer.


0:47Dead fish on a Florida beach
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State Of Emergency Declared In Red Tide-Devastated Areas Of Florida

2:57Graphic of social determinants' impact on health
Newsy Staff / Andrew Lawler

Big Data Doctors Are Focusing On How We Live To Catch Health Issues

0:29Parker Solar Probe
Getty Images

NASA Launches Fastest Spacecraft Ever To Research The Sun's Atmosphere

0:48Farm equipment sprays pesticide
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Court Slams EPA For Allowing Pesticide With Known Side Effects

1:27Artist's rendering of the Parker Solar Probe

To Get To The Sun, NASA's Probe Will Have To Hit The Brakes

4:17Medical student Rahael Gupta turned her depression into a movement.
Newsy / Carrie Cochran

This Medical Student Turned Her Depression Into A Movement

0:48Aerial view of Argentina National Congress
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Argentina's Senate Votes Against Legal Abortion

18:03A group of medical professionals work at the University of Michigan.
Michigan Medicine/University of Michigan

Unspoken: Doctor Depression And Suicide

0:58The night sky between trees
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VP Mike Pence Announces Official Launch Of Space Force

0:51Australian farmer surveys dried up land
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Australian Farmers Struggling To Keep Livestock Alive In Major Drought

1:58An emotional support pig rests on its owner
Ken Dodds/ CC by 2.0

How Are Colleges And Courts Dealing With Emotional Support Animals?

2:09A U.S. Forest Service poster from 1943 gives us a glimpse at how the government agency encouraged citizens to prevent fires.
U.S. Forest Service / War Advertising Council

How The US Used Nationalism To Prevent Wildfires

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The Lab: How Exactly Does NASA Plan To Touch The Sun?

1:13CVS Pharmacy sign
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CVS Rolls Out Digital Doctor Visits On Its App

0:47Kīlauea's summit in Hawaii on August 2, 2018
United States Geological Survey

Hawaii Volcano Has Slowed, But The Island Isn't In The Clear Yet

1:16An illustration of membrane-bound vesicles containing clusters of viruses

Newly Discovered 'Virus Clusters' May Be Why Norovirus Is So Severe

0:38Baby with microcephaly, a defect linked to Zika
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1 In 7 Babies Born To Women Exposed To Zika Had A Birth Defect

1:48A firefighter in California
Getty Images / David McNew

As Heat Waves Worsen, So Will All The Other Trouble They Cause

1:00Mammogram image from breast cancer screening
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Genetic Testing Could Reveal Risks For A Deadly Form Of Breast Cancer

1:16Person using e-cigarette
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Study Finds Teens Who Vape Are More Likely To Use Marijuana Later

0:43Ebola virus
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Congo Faces A New Outbreak Of Ebola

2:26Woman covers her face
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An Internal Emotion, Shame Has Consequences For Our External World

1:13Doctor checks patient using stethoscope
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New Medicare Rule Opens Up Gene Therapy Access For Recipients

1:41A firefighter attacks wildfire flames near a home.
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

The More We Expand Into Wild Spaces, The Worse Wildfires Can Get

0:41A Puerto Rico resident looks at damage caused by Hurricane Maria
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Hurricane Maria Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than Government's Count

1:35A budtender picks up part of a marijuana plant at a dispensary in California
Getty Images / David McNew

Some States Want Legal Marijuana To Help With The Opioid Crisis

3:03A person vapes
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Daily Dose: How To Spot A Red Flag In Vape Studies

1:34Smoke from a wildfire
Wildfire on the Lowry Wetlands/ CC by 2.0

How Smoke From Wildfires Affects Your Health

1:32Cars on a highway in Los Angeles
Getty Images / Kevork Djansezian

Rolling Back California Air Quality Rules Could Affect 12 Other States

1:09Cars on a highway
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Trump Administration May Freeze Fuel Efficiency Standards