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US Capitol

Congress Passes Bill To Repeal Some Banking Regulations

The bill passed Congress with bipartisan support, although liberal Democrats opposed the measure.


0:41Javelin anti-tank missile test
President of Ukraine

Ukraine Tests Javelin Missiles It Bought From The US

1:21Taxi manager Evgeny Freidman
Getty Images

This Man's Plea Deal Could Mean Bad News For Trump's Legal Team

1:04Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump
Getty Images

Trump: Helping Sanctioned Chinese Company Is A 'Favor' To President Xi

0:45Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
Venezolana de Televisión

Venezuelan President Expels 2 US Diplomats Over New Sanctions

3:04Refugees apply for jobs in Germany
Getty Images

Refugee Or Not? Countries Are Going High-tech To Figure It Out

4:19A right-wing nationalist group protests in Warsaw, Poland
All Polish Youth

Voters Around The World Are Embracing Nationalism

1:19South Korean President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump
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Trump Hints Meeting With Kim Jong-Un May Not Happen On Schedule

0:55Moon Jae-in and Donald Trump
Getty Images

Trump To Meet With South Korean Counterpart At The White House

1:05Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro
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More Countries Rebuke Venezuela Election; US Imposes New Sanctions

1:10Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens
Getty Images

CNN: FBI Asks Mo. Lawmakers About Coercive Tactics From Greitens' Team

4:26A flag flies outside a protest in Warsaw, Poland

Poland And Its Ever-changing Political Landscape

1:29Donald Trump on the campaign trail
Getty Images

WH: Leaders In Congress To See Classified Info On Trump Campaign Probe

0:34Sen. Bernie Sanders answers questions during a press conference.
Getty Images

Sen. Bernie Sanders Says He's Running For Re-Election

1:44South Korean President Moon Jae-in
Getty Images

Moon Jae-in's Next Big Job Is Convincing Trump To Stick With Diplomacy

13:41New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson meets with North Korean First Secretary Mun Jong Chol at the governor's mansion in 2003.
Getty Images

Bill Richardson: The Strategies And Pitfalls Of Talking To North Korea

0:38CIA Director Gina Haspel
Getty Images

Gina Haspel Officially Becomes The First Woman To Lead The CIA

0:45U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.
Getty Images

Pompeo Threatens Iran With 'Strongest Sanctions In History'

1:30Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Getty Images

Venezuela's President Maduro Wins Another 6 Years In Power

1:21Donald Trump
Getty Images

DOJ Says Watchdog Will Look Into Trump Campaign Surveillance

0:38President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in
Getty Images

Trump And Moon Discuss Summit After North Korea's Shift In Attitude

0:49U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping
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Steven Mnuchin: US And China Are ​'Putting The Trade War On Hold'

0:53President Donald Trump
Getty Images

Trump Administration Reportedly Pulling Support From Northwest Syria

1:06Muqtada al-Sadr
Getty Images

Iraqi Anti-West Coalition Wins Most Seats In Parliamentary Election

0:52Russian President Vladimir Putin
The Kremlin

Proposed Law Would Keep Putin In Power Beyond 2024

0:37Adm. Harry Harris
U.S. Department of Defense

Trump Nominates Harry Harris As Ambassador To South Korea

0:57Sens. Mark Warner, Robert Menendez, and Sherrod Brown
Getty Images

Three Senators Want To Know Why There Aren't More Russia Sanctions

0:46Gaza protests
Getty Images

UN Will Investigate Israel's Use Of Deadly Force In Gaza Protests

2:16Bruce Boynton
U.S. Civil Rights Trail

This Man's Defiance Helped Spark The Civil Rights Movement

0:37Puerto Rican resident surveys damage from Hurricane Maria
Getty Images

FEMA Stops Working On Restoring Puerto Rico's Electricity

1:08A medical helicopter sits outside Santa Fe High School in Texas
Getty Images

Texas Governor: 'We Need To Do More Than Just Pray For The Victims'