graphic of how often do you use your middle name

Why Do We Have Middle Names?

Turns out middle names have an interesting origin and historical purpose.

 | By Lauren Magarino and Brandi Scarber

Employees sort packages for delivery at FedEx

Important Holiday Shipping Deadlines You Need To Know This Year

With recent postal delays, you don't want to wait to ship items during the holiday season this year.

 | By John Matarese

A scene from "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever."

'Black Panther' Sequel Scores 2nd-Biggest Debut Of 2022

"Wakanda Forever" was eagerly anticipated by audiences and exhibitors, who've weathered a slow spell at the box office since the summer movie season.

 | By Associated Press

Adventurers ski down a snowy mountain in Antarctica.

The Pursuit Of Endurance

Nine international adventurers follow in the footsteps of one of the greatest legends of the golden age of polar exploration: Ernest Shackleton.

 | By Sagax Entertainment and Puzzle Media

In Real Life: Homeless Hero

In Real Life: Homeless Hero

This film offers an in-depth look at the homelessness crisis on America’s streets, with valuable perspective from people experiencing homelessness.

 | By Sam Eaton and Luke Piotrowski and John Stish

Carol Davis displays her Powerball picks as she waits in line to purchase tickets at Lichine's Liquor & Deli in Sacramento

Powerball Ticket Sold In California Snags Record $2.04B Win

The Multi-State Lottery Association said Monday night’s scheduled drawing was delayed by nearly 10 hours until Tuesday.

 | By Associated Press

People stand in line to buy Powerball lottery tickets.

Winning Numbers For $2.04B Powerball Drawn After Delay

The Powerball jackpot is nearly $400 million larger than the previous record jackpot and will keep growing until someone wins the prize.

 | By Associated Press

Powerball numbers are shown.

What Should You Do If You Win The Powerball Lottery?

Lottery lawyers warn against sharing your identity as the winner, and say to be careful how you spend your money.

 | By Meg Hilling

From behind the lottery counter at a Pick 'n Save store in Madison, Wis.

Powerball Jackpot Up To Record $1.9 Billion After No Winner

The Powerball prize keeps getting more massive because of the inability of anyone to overcome the long odds of 1 in 292.2 million and win the jackpot.

 | By Associated Press

The Veterans Affairs Department

Tally Of Homeless Veterans Fell 11%, Biggest Drop In 5 Years

There were 33,136 homeless veterans in January of this year, compared with 37,252 in 2020, according to the Point-in-Time count.

 | By Associated Press

Collector's Vault CEO Ross Hoffman

Rare Pikachu, Kobe's Sneakers — A Hidden Vault Guards It All

$200 million worth of collectables are guarded behind two 7,500-pound vault doors, each more than a foot thick, in Delaware.

 | By Associated Press

A Powerball ticket

Powerball Prize Up To $1.5 Billion, 3rd-Largest Ever In U.S.

A winner who opts for an annuity, paid out over 29 years, would get $1.5 billion. The cash prize would be $745.9 million.

 | By Associated Press

The entrance of a corn maze is shown.

Record-Breaking Corn Maze Attracts Visitors Looking To Get Lost

Spooky season may be over, but autumn is still in full swing, making it the perfect time to visit Illinois' record-breaking corn maze.

 | By Ben Schamisso

Powerball lottery tickets.

Powerball Jackpot Soars To $1.2 Billion After No Winner Drawn

No one has matched all six numbers and won the Powerball jackpot since Aug. 3, allowing the prize to grow to the fourth-largest in U.S. history.

 | By Associated Press and Newsy Staff

A doctor checks out newborns.

The U.S. Is In The Midst Of A Mini Baby Boom

A new study analyzing the latest U.S. birthrate data shows an increase in newborns — a surprise to researchers.

 | By Ben Schamisso

Sammy Yuen teaching classes of self-defense.

Self-Defense Class Teaches Older Asian Americans How To Fight Back

The number of AAPIs aged 65 and older is expected to grow by more than 350% in the next 50 years.

 | By Newsy Staff

A woman gets an ultrasound.

Workers Are Pushing For Fertility Benefits From Employers

Companies like Walmart and Facebook are now covering some fertility costs, but for many working people, these benefits are hard to come by.

 | By Newsy Staff

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley celebrates with her team.

South Carolina Tops Women's Basketball Preseason Rankings

South Carolina went wire-to-wire as the No. 1 team last year and have been the top team for 20 straight weeks.

 | By Associated Press

People walk across a New York City street.

Are Regional Accents Going Away?

Traditional accents from places like New York or Chicago have been on the decline in younger generations as more people move, code switch and more.

 | By Newsy Staff

North Carolina basketball players.

North Carolina Tops AP Men's Basketball Preseason Rankings

The Tar Heels are returning four of five starters after losing to the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA Tournament last season.

 | By Associated Press

Geena Rocero attends the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards.

Filipino Filmmaker Is Shining A Spotlight On Community's 'Caretakers'

A filmmaker is sharing the large part Filipino Americans play in in the health care industry.

 | By Casey Mendoza

People fill styrofoam food containers.

Florida Business Owners Paid It Forward When Storm Took A Turn

Florida business owners traveled to the Harlem Heights neighborhood to help others not as lucky to have missed the storm's most brutal impact.

 | By Tammy Estwick

Man working on a laptop at a coffee shop.

'Zoom Towns' Offering Incentives To Attract Remote Workers

Many towns and cities have found ways to reinvigorate their economies by enticing remote workers to move there.

 | By Bianca Facchinei

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

Forbes: 400 Richest Americans Less Wealthy In 2022 Due To Inflation

For the first time since 2009, the 400 richest people in America lost money this year as a group, according to Forbes magazine.

 | By Ben Schamisso

Leonard Logsdail in his workshop

Bespoke Tailor Stitches Together A Legacy

Bespoke suit-making for men is a dying art form — thanks to fast fashion, most men don't wear such clothes to work anymore.

 | By Meg Hilling

Cameroonian immigrant granted asylum in the U.S.

Cameroonian Man Wins Asylum Case, Finds Safe Haven In Wisconsin

Many Cameroonians have had to flee their country due to ongoing violence threatening their lives. One man describes his journey.

 | By Ben Schamisso

Participants carry flags from several different countries during a pregame ceremony celebrating hispanic heritage month

Hispanic Population In Portland Is Growing Rapidly

A specific city in Oregon has seen a huge amount of growth in the Hispanic community.

 | By Axel Turcios

A "sold" sign is posted outside a home.

KTNV: More Latinos Are Becoming Homeowners, But Roadblocks Remain

More than 650,000 Latinos became homeowners nationwide from 2019 to 2021and now over half of all Latino-Americans own a home.

 | By Tricia Kean and KTNV-TV

A sign, featuring a likeness of Smokey Bear, at the entrance to Hopkinton State Park Headquarters

The Story Of Smokey The Bear

Newsy's Casey Mendoza gives a history lesson on the familiar forest figure who was a 1944 co-creation of the U.S. Forest Service and the Ad Council.

 | By Simon Kaufman

Clean Is Mandatory Owner Andre Scott gives a customer a haircut

Nonprofit Trains Black Barbers To Be Mental Health Advocates

Clean Is Mandatory barbershop partners with The Confess Project to teach barbers how to be mental health advocates for their Philly community.

 | By Bianca Facchinei