Cars in Paris, France

France Has Set A Date To Ban Gas And Diesel Vehicle Sales

On Thursday, the country's new ecology minister announced a ban on gas- and diesel-powered vehicle sales by 2040.


1:10Charlie Gard
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Hospital Offers To Take In Charlie Gard, But It's Not That Simple

0:57Migrants travel to Italy across the Mediterranean
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Italy Is Getting Some Help Dealing With The Influx Of Migrants

0:59President Macron addresses French Congress
Office of the French President; Twitter / @EmmanuelMacron

France's New President Wants To Cut Parliament By A Third

1:10President Donald Trump, Charlie Gard and Pope Francis
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Why An Infant Has Gotten The Attention Of President Trump And The Pope

1:08Italian border patrol picks up migrants
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Italy's Migrant Crisis Is Getting Worse, And It Wants The EU's Help

0:44"Remain" supporter in Parliament Square, London
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Majority Of Brits Don't Want To Lose European Citizenship, Study Finds

0:55A person hold a phone
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Sites That Don't Remove Hate Speech Will Get Big Fines In Germany

1:11U.K. Parliament building
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British Lawmakers Are No Longer Tied To Dress Code Tradition

0:53People kissing in Germany
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Germany's Lower House Voted 'Yes' To Same-Sex Marriage

0:58Boaty McBoatface (Autosub Long Range) during its first Antarctic deployment into the Weddell Sea off RRS James Clark Ross.
British Antarctic Survey

Boaty McBoatface Is Back From Its Successful Maiden Voyage

0:55Cardinal George Pell
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A Top Vatican Adviser Is Facing Sexual Assault Charges In Australia

1:31President Trump and President Macron
The White House

Trump Is Trying To Shore Up A Shaky Relationship With France's Macron

1:31A Liverpool fan pays respects at a Hillsborough memorial
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Decades After 96 Soccer Fans Were Killed, Police Are Facing Charges

1:00A rainbow flag flies in Berlin
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Germany Is Probably Going To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage Really Soon

0:40Salvador Dali with an ocelot
Library of Congress

Salvador Dali's Body Might Be Exhumed To Settle A Paternity Suit

1:02President Trump and Ambassador Kislyak
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Is Russia's US Ambassador Stepping Down? Russia Won't Say

1:01Firefighters examine Grenfell Tower after the fire
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Cladding Used In Grenfell Tower Will No Longer Be Sold For High-Rises

1:03U.K. Parliament
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UK's Next Government Is Finally A Done Deal, But It Wasn't Cheap

0:42Volunteers work to help victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.
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Thousands Evacuated In London As More Buildings Fail Safety Tests

1:02Armed officers outside Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London.
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Most Of England's Cops Don't Carry Guns — But They Might Start

0:30National Cyber Security Centre in London
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The UK's Parliament Has Been Hit By A Cyberattack

0:45Grenfell Tower fire
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Police Announce Cause Of Grenfell Tower Fire, And It Wasn't Arson

0:52U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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Theresa May: EU Citizens Will Have A Place In The UK After Brexit

1:09Syrian refugees who have found asylum in Germany are trained in construction by instructors of the German army.
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The EU Hopes To Tackle Job Barriers With This Virtual Tool

0:52Grenfell Tower fire
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Other UK Buildings Have Flammable Cladding Like Grenfell Tower's

0:58Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in front of Parliament.
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Here's What The Queen Laid Out In Her Speech To Parliament

0:56U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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The UK's Next Government Is Still Stuck On The Negotiating Table

1:14Demonstrators protest Russian anti-LGBTQ laws
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Human Rights Court Claims Russian Law Encourages Homophobia

0:42French police officers
Twitter / Gérard Collomb

The Person Who Attacked A Paris Police Van With Explosives Has Died

0:55Grenfell Tower
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Death Toll Climbs In London Grenfell Tower Apartment Fire