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U.K. Parliament

UK's Next Government Is Finally A Done Deal, But It Wasn't Cheap

The Conservative Party's deal with the Democratic Unionist Party won't be cheap.


0:42Volunteers work to help victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.
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Thousands Evacuated In London As More Buildings Fail Safety Tests

1:02Armed officers outside Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament in London.
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Most Of England's Cops Don't Carry Guns — But They Might Start

0:30National Cyber Security Centre in London
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The UK's Parliament Has Been Hit By A Cyberattack

0:45Grenfell Tower fire
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Police Announce Cause Of Grenfell Tower Fire, And It Wasn't Arson

0:52U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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Theresa May: EU Citizens Will Have A Place In The UK After Brexit

1:09Syrian refugees who have found asylum in Germany are trained in construction by instructors of the German army.
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The EU Hopes To Tackle Job Barriers With This Virtual Tool

0:52Grenfell Tower fire
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Other UK Buildings Have Flammable Cladding Like Grenfell Tower's

0:58Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles in front of Parliament.
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Here's What The Queen Laid Out In Her Speech To Parliament

0:56U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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The UK's Next Government Is Still Stuck On The Negotiating Table

1:14Demonstrators protest Russian anti-LGBTQ laws
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Human Rights Court Claims Russian Law Encourages Homophobia

0:42French police officers
Twitter / Gérard Collomb

The Person Who Attacked A Paris Police Van With Explosives Has Died

0:55Grenfell Tower
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Death Toll Climbs In London Grenfell Tower Apartment Fire

0:43Macron supporter waves flags at his election victory celebration
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France Votes 'Onward!'; Macron's Party To Run Parliament

0:34Police officers guard a road leading to Finsbury Park Mosque.
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Police Investigating London Van Attack As Possible Terrorism

0:44A tank taking part in military drills in Poland.
U.S. Army

What Is The Suwalki Gap – And Why Is NATO Worried About It?

1:14Theresa May speaking about the Grenfell Tower fire.
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Brits Are Upset With The Prime Minister's Response To The London Fire

0:42Helmut Kohl
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Helmut Kohl, The Father Of German Unification, Has Died

0:57Grenfell Tower
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UK Prime Minister Wants Answers About The London Apartment Tower Fire

1:13Irish PM Leo Varadkar
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Ireland's New Leader At Odds With His British Counterpart

1:17Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron
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May And Macron Are Going After Websites That Harbor Terrorist Content

0:44A huge fire engulfs the 24-story Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road, West London.
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Massive Fire At London Apartment Tower Leaves Several Dead

0:54Queen Elizabeth II
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The Queen's Speech To Parliament May Be Delayed Over Stationery

0:45French President Emmanuel Macron in front of supporters.
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A New Political Party Could Be Taking Over French Politics

0:44NATO headquarters
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After A Bad Week At Home, Trump Courts NATO By Committing To Article 5

1:10Members of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party
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Meet The UK's New Kingmakers

1:35French President Emmanuel Macron
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France's President Launches Website To 'Make Our Planet Great Again'

0:41A nighttime view of the Houses of Parliament in London, England
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The UK Broke A Bunch Of Renewable Energy Records This Week

1:01Man wears a yellow shirt
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Catalonia Pushes Forward On Its Last-Ditch Effort For Independence

1:09U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May
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Theresa May Asked The Queen If She Could Form Her Own Government

1:00The U.K. flag in front of Big Ben
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The UK Government Is Up For Grabs