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Roy Moore speaks at election night party

Roy Moore Is Trying To Block Alabama's Special Election Result

Moore filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Montgomery, Alabama. He wants to delay certifying the election.


1:13A 1040 form
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IRS Says You'll Need 2017 Paperwork To Keep 2017 Tax Benefits

0:27Doug Jones
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Alabama's Senate Election Results Will Be Certified Next Week

0:55Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
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Hispanic Caucus Members Reportedly Confronted Chuck Schumer Over DACA

0:27Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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Senate Passes Spending Bill, Avoids Government Shutdown

:29House Republicans
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House Votes To Pass Stopgap Spending Bill

:43House Speaker Paul Ryan.
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House Republicans Think Their Plan Will Avoid A Government Shutdown

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Congress Faces Obstacles To Passing Stopgap Spending Bill

1:59Republicans attend a tax bill passage event
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The Tax Bill's Rollout Looks Like It'll Be Full Of Confusion

0:31Franken exits Senate.
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Sen. Al Franken's Last Day In Congress Is Jan. 2

:33From left, House Speaker Paul Ryan, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence
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President Trump Celebrates Tax Bill, His First Major Legislative Win

:50Trump signs bills
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Trump May Have To Wait Until Next Year To Sign The Tax Bill

1:07Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady.
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House Republicans Pass Tax Overhaul Bill ... Again

:38U.S Capitol building
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After Tax Reform, There's Another Major Bill Congress Needs To Pass

:39Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
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McConnell: Congress Won't Make Any DACA Decisions This Year

0:26U.S. Capitol building
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US Senate Votes To Pass Republican-led Tax Bill

0:41NSA employees

House Plans To Introduce 'Spy Bill' Proposal

0:37House Speaker Paul Ryan
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House Must Revote On Tax Bill After Learning It Breaks Senate Rules

0:53Al Franken
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A Few Senators Reportedly Want Franken To Reverse His Resignation

0:47Sen. John McCain speaks during a press conference.
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McCain's Absence Probably Won't Hurt The GOP's Tax Bill Vote

0:36Rep. Ruben Kihuen
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Rep. Ruben Kihuen Won't Seek Re-election Amid Misconduct Allegations

0:37Student does homework.
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The GOP Dropped Its Controversial Grad School Tax From The Final Bill

0:58Ship approaches Puerto Rico.
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The GOP Tax Bill Could Hurt An Already Struggling Puerto Rico

0:41A woman picks up tax forms.
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The House And The Senate Just Revealed Their Blended GOP Tax Bill

1:17Rep. Ruben Kihuen
Office of Rep. Ruben Kihuen

House Ethics Committee Launches Fourth Investigation Into Misconduct

0:51Sen. Marco Rubio and Sen. Bob Corker
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2 Senate Republican Holdouts Say They're A 'Yes' On Tax Bill

1:11Paul Ryan
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Why Paul Ryan Might Decide To Retire In 2018

0:35Marco Rubio
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Marco Rubio Says He's A 'No' On The Tax Bill — At Least For Now

0:55Rep. Blake Farenthold
U.S. Congress

Rep. Farenthold Not Seeking Re-election After Sexual Misconduct Claims

0:34Vice President Mike Pence
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Pence Is Pushing Back His Trip To Israel

1:04Rod Rosenstein
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Deputy Attorney General Defends Robert Mueller To Congress