Donald Trump after signing First Step Act into law

Trump's Gov. Shutdown Is Undermining His Own Criminal Justice Reform

More than 4000 prisoners who should be eligible for early release or a halfway house are currently stuck in limbo.


2:03Attorney general nominee William Barr
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Trump's Pick For Attorney General Faces Tough Questions From Senators

0:44U.S. Capitol
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House Passes Bills To Fund Interior And Retroactively Pay Workers

2:12Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
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Ocasio-Cortez Pitched A 70 Percent Tax Rate. How Would That Work?

0:49Michael Cohen
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Michael Cohen To Publicly Testify Before Congress In February

2:38Senate building in black and white
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The Power To Pick Senators Once Gave States National Influence

0:46Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker
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House Judiciary Pushing For Whitaker To Testify In January

1:21House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and some of her Democratic colleagues
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House To Vote On Plan To Defend Affordable Care Act In Court

1:48Gun background check paperwork
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House Democrats Push Forward On Universal Gun Background Checks

3:16U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon).
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This Congressman Says The New Congress Could Legalize Weed

1:04President Donald Trump with other Republican leaders in the Rose Garden.
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Trump Holding Firm On $5.6 Billion Demand For Border Wall

2:32House Democratic women gather outside the U.S. Capitol for a photo one day after their swearing in.
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87 Percent Of Women In The House Of Representatives Are Democrats

1:00House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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House Democrats Introduce Sweeping Political Reform Bill Friday

1:01House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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Pelosi To Introduce Sweeping Political Reform Bill Friday

0:59House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
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House Votes On Bills To Reopen Government

2:36Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with House members
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Democrats Take Control Of House Without Committee Assignments

0:46Nancy Pelosi and House members
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Congress Kicks Off New Session; House Elects Pelosi Speaker

1:06The U.S. Capitol dome stands under a cloudy sky.
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House Democrats Unveil New Rules Package For Upcoming Congress

2:37Newly elected members of Congress pose for a photo in front of the U.S. Capitol in November 2018.
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New Congressional Members Have A Lot To Deal With Before Legislating

1:02Traffic sign near U.S. Capitol
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Here's Why Congress Keeps Getting Paid During The Shutdown

2:16New members of the 116th Congress pose for a class photo outside the U.S. Capitol.
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Millennials Look To Shake Up The Status Quo In New Congress

0:57Department of Justice logo
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GOP Leaders End Investigation Into FBI's Handling Of 2016 Cases

1:58Rep. Nancy Pelosi, Vice President Pence, President Trump and Sen. Chuck Schumer
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As A New Congress Gets Sworn In, It's Got A Lot On Its Plate

0:55U.S. Capitol
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Senate Goes Home For Christmas Without A Budget Deal In Sight

1:37Stop sign in front of U.S. Capitol.
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How Will The Govt. Shutdown Affect Paychecks For Federal Employees?

0:35U.S. Capitol Building
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House Approves Temporary Spending Bill

0:49U.S. Capitol
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House Approves Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform Bill

0:50President Trump signs the farm bill
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Trump Signs Farm Bill, Pledges To Close Work Requirement 'Loophole'

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Why Shutting Down The Government Costs So Much Money

0:50President Donald Trump
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Trump Says He Won't Sign Budget Bill That Doesn't Have Wall Funding

1:11U.S. Capitol
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Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill To Avoid Partial Shutdown