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Storm clouds over Chicago

How Cities Will Stay Dry In A Rain-Soaked Future

As the planet warms up, more rain will fall. So where do you put all that water?

  Climate Change

1:40A coal-fired power plant.
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EPA Moves To Overturn Another Obama-Era Environmental Protection

2:59A family carries a television and their belongings from their house as they evacuated in Bali, Indonesia.
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Climate Change Will Create More Refugees And Mass Migration

1:16Smokestacks in China
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How To Keep Countries Honest About Their Carbon Emissions

1:28Fireman watches wildfire
National Wildfire Coordinating Group

As Wildfires Get Worse, USDA Says Firefighters Need More Funding

0:55Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega
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One Of The Last Paris Climate Accord Holdouts Just Agreed To Sign

1:48People walk through flooded streets in Naples, FL after Hurricane Irma hit.
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How Can Cities Protect Against Hurricanes?

1:32Hurricane Irma

Do We Need A Hurricane Category 6?

1:13Hurricane Harvey just before landfall

Climate Change Might Make Intense Hurricanes Like Harvey More Common

1:22Oil well and tanks
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Humans Are Putting A Lot More Methane Into The Air Than We Thought

1:31Coal mines of East Germany
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Trump Scraps Federal Climate Change Advisory Panel

1:20Dead trees
William and Leander Anderegg

It's Getting Harder And Harder For Trees To Bounce Back From Drought

4:08Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal fired Morgantown Generating Station, on May 29, 2014.
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Many Experts Dismiss Them, But Climate Change Doubters Are Powerful

1:57Grasses and a watershed dam in Iowa.
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

This Gov. Agency May Replace 'Climate Change' With 'Weather Extremes'

1:12Smog around Los Angeles
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Federal Draft Report On Climate Change Pins A Lot Of Blame On Humans

1:14President Donald Trump
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US Tells UN It's Leaving Paris Agreement But Will Go To Meetings

1:16People on a beach in the U.K.
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Study: Climate Change Could Kill 150,000 Europeans A Year By 2100

1:42smokestacks in China
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A Warming Planet Is Inevitable, New Research Finds

1:35A plume of exhaust exists a smokestack at Mitchell Power Station, a coal-fired power plant near Pittsburgh
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Utilities Might've Known About Climate Change As Early As 1968

1:27A rainbow appears in front of wind turbines in England
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Europe's Renewable Energy Is Facing Extreme Power Fluctuations

1:03Young climate activists gather outside the White House
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Al Gore Has A Message For The Next Generation's Climate Action

9:03Former Vice President Al Gore
Newsy / Kohl Threlkeld

Al Gore Talks Climate Change And Middle America (Full Interview)

0:58Dust storm during Kenyan drought
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Humans Could Be Radically Changing Rainfall Patterns Worldwide

1:05Pile of tree logs
Tinten Fieber / CC0

How Do You Stop Deforestation? Pay People Not To Cut Down Trees

1:17Power plant pollution

California Climate Proposal Passes In A Rare Bipartisan Effort

1:26U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron
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Macron Is Hopeful He'll Convince Trump To Rejoin Paris Accord

0:47Airplanes sitting at an airport
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Climate Change Could Make Air Travel Even More Frustrating

1:42Babies in sunglasses
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Babies Are Cute — But They Might Not Be Environmentally Friendly

1:20A thermometer on the street in the middle of a heat wave
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Right-Wing Outlets Say A New Study May Invalidate Climate Policies

0:58Coast of Miami as seen from the water
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One US Region Is Expected To Take The Brunt Of Climate Change Costs

0:49President Donald Trump at G-20 summit
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When It Comes To Climate Change, It's Just The G-19